Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Shopping Tools in Bing and Edge

By Srikanth
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Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered Shopping Tools in Bing and Edge 1

Back to back, Microsoft it making the launch of AI hits. Nowadays, the company has made the introduction of its new AI-powered characteristics that will improve the online shopping experience for its potential end users.


Microsoft has been swift in its adaption of AI tech into its many platforms. After the partnership of Seattle-based tech giant with OpenAI, the company that invented the ChatGPT tool has been attainin g various advantages for years now.

These days, the biggest tech giant company, Microsoft, is bringing various AI advancements to the online shopping world. And behind the launch of these various launches, the objective is just the hope of making retail therapy even more relaxing.

AI-Powered Shopping Tools on Edge and Bing

Microsoft revealed that the company would be launching and making the addition of AI-powered tools to the Microsoft Shopping platform with an aim to improvise the experience for users.

Microsoft said that the entire team of company is feeling of excitement to announce new Microsoft Shopping tools in Bing and Edge that help you shop and save with confidence, harnessing the power of AI so that it would be easier to discover, research, and complete the purchasing tasks.

The goal of this thought is to make improvements in bringing more joy to shopping, from the initial spark of inspiration to the exciting unboxing experience, by easing the process.

What AI-Powered Tools Are Being Included?

Microsoft has revealed three differentiated AI-powered shopping tools that will be included in its Bing and Edge platforms.

Buying Guide

It is always tough to part to find a wide range of products that fulfil the particular requirements of the customer while shopping over the online platform. With millions of options at billions of price points, it would be good to narrow the scope of pricing.

The new Buying Guide feature can become the help part of the same issue. By inputting a category of purchases, like “college supplies,” you’ll get a customized list of options to choose from. This does not stop here; the buyer would get a comprehensive comparison table of similar objects, comparing everything from price to measurements.

Summarized reviews and insights

Attaining reviews is always helpful in figuring out if a product is right for you. However, with so many people out there reviewing the products before making the final decision to buy them, it can be hard to determine exactly which review is helpful and which is noise.

But now the situations have changed; with the help of Bing Chat in the Edge browser, the users would be able to summarize reviews of a product and provide insights and actionable feedback.

Price match

Matching the pricing is helpful to make sure you get the right price during online shopping. With so many retailers available on the websites, there are no guidelines to determine whether the deal is the perfect one or not.

That’s where the new Price Match feature from Microsoft came into existence. The tool will help the users while monitoring the item’s price and assisting you in requesting a match if it drops. The utilization of the tool is also helpful in price comparison and price history features, which are designed to give shoppers as much information as possible to make the right decision.

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