Microsoft’s Bing Chat Expands Reach with Chrome and Safari Compatibility

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Microsoft's Bing Chat Expands Reach with Chrome and Safari Compatibility 1

Microsoft’s Bing AI is under the stage of accessibility over the internet. But the Microsoft’s Bing AI only functions with Edge. Microsoft is availing the best advantages of Bing’s rapid expansion for the promotion of the default browser for Windows 11 to a wider audience. The IT juggernaut finally is all set to increase the support of Bing AI.


In the near future, Bing AI will be accessible over every online available browser such as Chrome and Safari. For a limited of period of time, Microsoft also tried out Bing AI functionality in Apple’s Safari. As per the verifications made by Microsoft’s customer service representatives, the business tested the enhanced Bing AI capabilities with select users.

Bing AI beta on Safari which is quite similar to the current site in Microsoft Edge is expected to offer a similar user experience. By extending Bing AI to more browsers, Microsoft might grow the search engine’s market share and search for new strategies for directing visitors to Edge via Bing. This is seen as a significant victory for Bing’s adoption.

The feedback gathered from Bing mobile users indicated that Bing will soon have new capabilities, such as recommendations for new AI products. Bing will soon be able to make the promotion of AI tools or applications to consumers.

Microsoft is also planning forward in the direction of creating a new AI-focused community.

Characters with personalities in Bing AI may be enabled by taking help of some modifications. This feature can be compared with an experimental feature that is named as “Modes” which is a new concept in Bing.

As part of the character upgrade, Bing may emulate human-like personalities. This initiative can create more engaging experience.

Microsoft may put some constraints and limits in Bing Chat and also increasing the flexibility as well as improved performance and dependability.

As per the company, Microsoft is running towards the enhancements to the speed, accuracy, and consistency of AI functions.

The company will be releasing these Bing AI improvements.

Microsoft announced that Windows Copilot for Windows 11 is powered by Bing in which the plugin support for ChatGPT. There are the possibilities that the Microsoft could fully incorporate Bing into the operating system and increase its market share by using plugins and Windows Copilot.

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