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Microsoft’s Launches AI which builds websites From Drawings

Microsoft has developed and built an Artificial Intelligence supported web design tool which is capable of turning sketches of a website into the functional HTML code.

The AI has been named as Sketch2Code, the AI senior product Manager revealed that the tool aims to “empower every developer and every organization to do more with AI.” It was born out of the “intrinsic” issue of sending a picture of an app or a wireframe designs from the whiteboard or a paper to a designer to create the HTML prototypes.

To merely break up this process, Microsoft has also developed a website based application which now simply cut down the extra-human efforts, in the case of designing. Moreover, the images taken of sketches are sent to an AI server which are based on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

As of now, the drag and drop feature is not just new things. As lots of companies offer a service to move out the custom design into a digital workflow, but this is the first time to use an AI to complete the designing process.

Sketch2Code AI work just by running the images which are sent to it against a pre-build AI model which even creates an HTML code base followed by a resulting app. At the center of this system is something which is called by the name as “custom vision object prediction model” which is much more essentially an image recognition tool specifically designed to train up with the data sets of hand-drawn images.

This tool as of now is available on the Github for the developers and its code is independent of the HTML, according to a report and even be extracted with the XML and Universal Windows Platform.

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