Mining Sector Embraces Satellite-Enabled IoT for Sustainable Practices

By Sunil Sonkar
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Mining Sector Embraces Satellite-Enabled IoT for Sustainable Practices

A new study by Viasat, Inc. reveals that more and more mines are using satellite-connected gadgets (IoT) to make their sustainability efforts stronger. In a study called ‘Speeding Up Sustainability with IoT,’ over 200 top tech and sustainability decision-makers in mining companies worldwide were asked questions, giving us important info on how the industry sees sustainability.


According to the findings, a substantial 86% of mining businesses have plans to increase their use of IoT technology in the next year. Companies want to use satellite-connected IoT more to better measure and understand how their efforts to be sustainable are working. They believe this technology is crucial in making their sustainability practices better overall.

The study exposes a significant perception gap within the industry, with 85% of respondents believing their businesses are more sustainable than their peers. However, 84% admit that some peers may focus more on the perception of sustainability rather than concrete metrics, citing a lack of visibility and validated data as the main hindrance.

In response to the growing scrutiny of green claims, more than half of industry leaders feel the need for real-time data to meet regulatory reporting and environmental obligations. Better automation and digitalization of data capture processes for reports are seen as key solutions by over half of the surveyed decision-makers.

Satellite-enabled IoT is emerging as a reliable connectivity solution, particularly in areas with limited or no terrestrial connectivity. The study reveals that almost half of the respondents (43%) have already witnessed benefits from IoT solutions, including reductions in CO2 emissions and improvements in biodiversity.

Nicholas Prevost, Market Development Manager (APAC) and Director of Mining at Viasat, highlights the industry’s current focus on enhancing operational sustainability amid global inflation. Keeping track of real results in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters is a big deal for the mining industry. Many mining companies worldwide have seen good things happen because of their investments in IoT, helping with sustainability and making more money.

The research also showcases examples of businesses leveraging IoT-based operational data to maximize sustainability initiatives and drive operational efficiency. About 30% of respondents use this data to engage directly with local communities, while a similar number engage with industry peers. Additionally, 31% leverage IoT data for communication with customers, demonstrating a multifaceted approach to sustainability within the mining sector.

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