Mink lets users print makeup palettes using 3D printer

By Srikanth
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Mink lets users print makeup palettes using 3D printer 1

Beauty and tech never emerged together. Wrong statement? Well, yes.

How about getting your favorite makeup palette, each time just by printing it by customizing to every color you need? Mink gives it to you.

The revolutionary beauty company Mink, which has emerged recently in 2019, launched world’s first make up printer that prints any palette that the customers can personally make. This palette can be used instantly after printing. This printer, which weighs just 997 grams is extremely portable and can be used anytime, anywhere. The company claims that the products are a hundred percent safe and are biodegradable.

Mink’s printer bundle comes with a single tricolor catridge and the company’s proprietary make up sheets. Users just need to download the Mink app on their mobile phones and pair them to the printer. The palette that they need can be uploaded on the app via any connected social media account or the device gallery.

A sheet from the bundle should be in and the users are ready to go with their new customizable palette. The makeup also comes from basic substrates to high end label companies like Chanel and also uses cheap drug store stuff.

“Consumers today have great expectations on how and where the products they consume fit in their lifestyle. Mink understands the shifting landscape for the demand and flexibility, and beauty is no exception. We are thrilled to provide a brand new distribution platform for beauty as well as connecting to the different consumer touch points across physical, web and social platforms.

Finally bridging images that inspire beauty therefore transforming them into makeup in just a snap,” said Janet Kim, President and co-founder of the company. “Our relationships that we maintain with our partners and investors are integral to delivering the Mink experience to consumers.”

The printer will cost about just 27,000 inr and the preorders will start from the fall of 2020.

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