Mission for Visibility , Accessibility in Design & Build world.

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Mission for Visibility , Accessibility in Design & Build world. 1

Imagine a Design & Build landscape where opportunity isn’t limited by location, spend, or connections. A vibrant ecosystem where collaboration thrives, access flows freely, and talent and quality shines regardless of its size or origin. This is the future of seamless search: Archinza, founded by architect Natasha Kochhar, being built, brick by digital brick.


Ar. Natasha, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience, witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the design and build industry from the time when not even cad was common place. Wanting to solve for fragmentation, inequitable access, and limited visibility, she envisioned a revolutionary platform: Archinza. This platform is armed with the power of AI and a deep empathy towards anyone wanting to be searched or found within the ecosystem. It’s a mission-driven community, (rather called a digital tribe) committed to shattering the glass ceiling of reach, that restricts design and product potential and empowering professionals to achieve their full potential and growth..

Shining a Light on “what you need – when you need it!”

Traditional search processes in the design world are often biased and unreliable, mostly led by word of mouth,  failing to reveal the true breadth and depth of options. This can leave aspiring and deserving designers and businesses invisible, hindering their ability to connect with clients and grow. Archinza’s AI-powered platform levels the playing field by creating a comprehensive library of work, sorted and vetted for being found easily. Natasha N Kochhar, Founder of Archinza says, “Our innovative algorithms understand the nuances of design styles, prioritising quality, innovation, and empathising with the searcher, for real metrics that help them take decision. This ensures that every user, professional or DIY,, regardless of location or budget, can discover talented professionals and high-quality products and services.”

Breaking Down Walls, Building Bridges

Geographical boundaries often act as invisible barriers in the design industry, limiting opportunities and hindering collaboration. Archinza transcends these limitations by creating a bank of hyperlocal sourcing from retailers, manufacturers, creators and distributors. Users can connect with professionals, businesses, and resources in their immediate or closest vicinity, opening doors to new projects, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. This not only fosters local economies but also enriches the design ecosystem as a whole by promoting diverse perspectives and experiences.

Empowering Everyone

Archinza recognises that the design community encompasses a diverse range of stakeholders, from experienced professionals to aspiring students. “We cater to everyone by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. Whether you’re seeking clients, searching for vendors, building a design team, or simply looking to connect with experienced consultants, Archinza becomes your design assistant. We offer matchmaking architectural and design services, job & courses, vendor directories, and event opportunities, ensuring everyone has the tools they need to thrive”, states Ar. Natasha.

AI as your Design Partner

Technology plays a crucial role in Archinza’s mission. Our ground-breaking AI neural network is more than just a search engine; it’s your trusted design assistant. It analyses vast database of websites , social links , catalogues to suggest relevant connections and sources, for text (and eventually image) input,, and Matchmake based on requirements customised for your project. This frees you to focus on what you do best – unleashing your creativity and delivering exceptional design. The platform is a chat-based bot that forms a community based on open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. By joining forces, we can change the narrative of interruption marketing resorted to by most product / material sellers and bring to them genuinely interested customer base – who choose to connect on demand.

The future is bright and wide, gaps being bridged between search and reach, and it’s being crafted for the design & build Ecosystem by  Archinza

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