MIT researchers train AI to be the perfect Pizza Chef

By Srikanth
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MIT researchers train AI to be the perfect Pizza Chef 1

Ever wonder where technology could be going?


Ever fear what we could lose with the tremendous growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Well, forget about losing anything, AI can now train you on how to make any pizza, just by looking at it. From deliveries handed out by robots to robots becoming the perfect chefs, AI did come a long way.

Researchers at MIT and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have come up with this crazy idea now, where they made an AI algorithm to know the process of any certain pizza just by looking at it. The program, called PizzaGAN, which is short for Generative Adversarial Network, will just look at the pizza and its toppings and give you the recipe.

The researchers have tried to create a neural network of AI and tested it on approximately 9213 images of this Italian-made-yet-everybody’s favorite pizza pictures on Instagram after trying it on 5500 clip art images with 10 toppings on each.

They have trained their system to show the process of placing the toppings in the right place, along with a detailed view of how it looks before and after its been cooked.

You can also add or remove ingredients during the process and the system gives you a detailed picture of how it looks in the process, as the researchers have claimed.

MIT’s papers on this algorithm suggest that, though this only works on pizza right now, this could further be developed into creating recipes for all the food items with hugh accuracy.

They also hope that this method can be used in hospitality, and fashion, determining the layers of a certain clothing item of a certain seasonal or model outfit.

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