Mobile App Automatically Predict’s Speed breakers and Pothole on Indian Roads

Mobile App Automatically Predict's Speed breakers and Pothole on Indian Roads 1

Monsoon had entered in India and all set to give relief from hot humid weather but Monsoon is not only the season of relief, it has always come up with something bad everytime. There has been increased news about deaths by potholes every year in the season of Monsoon. There are many records that every year more than 10,000 people die because of road accident during Monsoon and the number of injuries are much higher than 10,000. The potholes and speed breakers are one of the major reason behind such accidents.

Well, there are so many navigation apps available for user like Google Maps, MyMap India and Apple Map to get directions according to users wish but there is no such app to alert user that there is a pothole or speed breaker after 100 meters. Imagine if you are already aware of these potholes and speed breakers and even tells you about the surface of the road so that you can take your right move.

Three engineers with the hope of providing alerts about the road surface conditions to all the users and started working upon this to give technology that will predict potholes and speed breakers along with navigation of the road on which driver is driving. “As a team, we decided to use technology which can automate information about the road surface,” said Tabrez Alam the Founder of Intents Navigation.

“Its been more than one year now that we are working on this technology and we actually succeeded in providing a navigation application that can predict Road surface condition and speed breakers at the same moment,” said Tabarez. The vision was almost clear with us and we just wanted to give a safe ride to all the drivers on Indian roads. Imagine how many families are happy with this innovation, this really emotion for every team member to get such positive reviews”.

We are now working to improve the quality of information about the roads by using automatic mode along with manual mode. When we will be able to give most accurate information to the drivers as they open and navigate their locations and get all the information related to Road surface and not just knowing about the traffic jam. This is the main aim of Intents Navigation team.


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