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Mobile App Development Trends That Makes Difference in 2019

Mobile App Development Trends That Makes Difference in 2019 1

The ceaselessly changing landscape of technology continues to evolve our work, communication, and life in different possible ways. Since the dawn of smartphones in human life, there is not a single day throughout which we do not use mobile phones.

Ohh, we forgot… Have you checked your favorite messenger this morning? We are sure you would not have started your day without visiting your social media accounts.

Forgot again, this was just about the morning time, but which series did you watch on Netflix at night? Your every action throughout the day represent an app.

Behind every successful mobile application, there is an INNOVATIVE IDEA behind it. An INNOVATIVE IDEA to bring comfort to our lives by designing some unique and fantastic idea.

The swift from surfing on desktops to now on smartphones is quite a notable one. The change in the mobile app development company was no change, nor would it be running out. In fact, the 5G networks trails in the realm of app development are creating wonders.

With no signs of slowing down, we can expect mobile app revenues to be $188.9 billion by the year 2020.

The Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) implementation have surged an adrenaline rush and 2019 will more of an organic sequel of how things were in 2017-2018.

So let’s sit over a coffee and enjoy reading the trends that will bring bountiful of opportunities and let you join the front-runner’s list.

  • The era of AR and VR:

The one that really deserves the title of being on the top trend is AR/VR. The newly minted term” Beyond the Screen” have influenced a large number of audiences. Apps developed with AR and VR deliver some breathtaking experiences.

They are here to stay and its application will not be just limited to gaming! They are going to be the game changer.

A 3-dimensional space is going to revolutionize the eCommerce experience. The best examples of the technology are Pokemon Go and Google Translate. The success stories of both the applications are just tip of the iceberg.

Delivering more realistic experience AR/VR is on the top of the trends.

  • Wearable apps influence:

Wearable apps are the new smart way to keep an eye on the best trending apps and maintain the fitness level. There are here to mark their presence in the healthcare industry and synchronize everything. Have a look at some of the statistics about wearables:

  • An increased of 8.5 % in productivity and 3.5% in job satisfaction is observed by the employees using wearables;
  • Back in 2014, when there were 29 million wearables sold, the number is expected to reach roughly around 350 million;
  • Business Intelligence report shows that there will be a 35% increase in the wearable’s market by 2019.

Zomato and Uber are also taking a step forward to invest in wearables though nothing is on strong grounds.

  • The market worth millions: Beacon technology

Can you ever imagine an app working without internet? Almost none I suppose. This technology has created a top spot in serving the customers in a retail store and allowing them to access more information.

They end up being a virtual guide to the customers and then… What more you want then the ease of sharing and receiving information?

This is the best low-cost technology. Why? Because it is a low powered, low energy Bluetooth device that uses low-frequency for transmitting weak signals.

  • Going beyond bitcoins and smart contracts: Blockchain

After transforming the world of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is now onto bringing change and opportunities in the IT sector. Imagine developing a decentralized mobile application using Blockchain.

The decentralized app means an application not owned by anyone, no downtime but yes, impossible to shut it down.

The worthy asset is disrupting healthcare and insurance industry and is expected to grow about $5430 million by 2023.

Surprisingly, these benefits are just the scratches of the Blockchain surface.

  • The Golden age of Instant apps:

Instant apps aka Native apps: Apps that you don’t need to download keeping your mobile phone’s memory free. Such apps are user-friendly, simple, small size but facilitate great performance.

More and more development companies are heading themselves towards the new implementation.

Announced at the Google IO conference in 2017, such apps have greatly improved. You can always hire mobile app developers for making the conversion better.

The best example is set by apps like Hollar and NYTimes who have increased their conversion rate by 20 and 27 percent respectively.

You can always include some of the basic functionalities and deliver a great user experience.

  • Machine Learning and AI, Still dominate:

This is surely not an alien term for your, “Our tech-savvy” friends. AI is already in the market weaving some magical apps for the users. Machine learning with exceptional ability to analyze massive data is providing valuable insights to the businesses.

They are the key elements responsible for making an app more intelligent and productive. They will completely change the face of customer service departments in the coming years.

Companies who have invested in Machine learning and AI for their apps have seen a considerable increase in productivity and total expense.

Both the technologies are helping a lot to automate the customer service task and also taking baby steps into the automobile and healthcare industry.

Some statistics to prove the point;

  • Chatbots will save more than $8 billion a year between 2019-2022 says a Juniper research.
  • Gartner confirms that chatbots will be responsible for 85% of the customer service performed by the companies.

The End story:

Being an indispensable part of the people’s life, mobile application trends will continuously evolve. Some captivating mobile apps are not just hype, explore them and you will know why they are worth it.

This industry is bound to see a huge boom in the coming years. So let’s explore more of it and grab the best of it.

Written by Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  She helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During her spare time, she loves to write on Insta 4 likes, Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. She loves to share her knowledge and Expert tips with her readers.

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