Is App Based Marketing Sustainable In The Long Run?

Traditional means of marketing on the Internet are failing. While market experts have been foretelling of this day for the last few years, in 2016 we finally see their words take effect. Most browsers have blocked all forms of flash based ads as they’re incredibly resource intensive.

Next in line are banner and other text-based ads. With the rise of ad-blocking extensions like ADB on the ever popular Chrome and Firefox browser, the Internet ad industry on desktop has come to a screeching halt. Yet, all hope is not yet lost!

mobile app marketing

As smartphone proliferation has increased, mobile broadband has become the first and only gateway into the Internet for a significant chunk of our population. The global search giant Google has reported that for the first time, search entries on mobile have surpassed that of traditional desktops and laptops.

App Marketing Dominates The Mobile Internet

mobile app marketing

Before we delve a bit deeper into the future of App marketing and how it is objectively better than other traditional forms of online marketing, let us first take a step back and look at the various forms of app-based marketing that are prevalent today.

#1. Banner and Text Ads Inside Apps

These are the most basic forms of advertisement and as such aren’t much effective. Among the literal millions of apps that abound in the App Stores of Android and Apple, a fair amount of them are Free Apps. Most of these free apps use some sort of banner and text ads or a combination of them to generate revenue.

As developers often use ads to take over the entire screen or use deceptive button placement to force a click from a user, these types of ads are hated by most consumers and has a very small conversion rate.

#2. Native Advertisement in the Form of Media

mobile app marketing

Some Apps have chosen to get over the problem mentioned above by making ads more attractive to the user. How do they achieve this? Mostly it’s done by cleverly disguising the ad placement as a part of the content consumption experience.
These are done mostly by including a video ad as an alternative to IAP inside an app. In some more advanced scenarios, the ad itself is an interactive little game that draws in the user.

#3. Geo-Location Based App Advertising

mobile app marketing

This is one of the most advanced forms of App Advertising where the App advertises services within itself at times when it considers the user would most need them. This is a form of advertisement developed specially for mobile devices and with the advent of cloud computing and big data analytics, this type of advertisement will become even more widespread.

One of the few apps to have implemented it successfully would be Google Now who uses their location based services to suggest activity cards which are basically things you can do once you’re in a new place!

Mobile App Marketing is The Future

mobile app marketing

So why are we betting so big on Mobile Marketing? That is because traditional desktops are a dying breed and mobile is going to be the way forward both in terms of data consumption and time spent on the Internet.

But that raises yet another question, why choose apps over general web based ads? With most users preferring to spend their time on apps rather than on the web, it becomes a simple case of RoI. And Google making the move from showing web searches to streaming apps right from Google Search is the final nail in the coffin for mobile web ads.

The writing is on the wall- If you wish to succeed in the Smartphone-centric world of Internet Ads, Mobile App Marketing is your only way forward.


Written by Amartya Baidya

A 22-year-old Bong from Kolkata, Amartya’s passion for ‘sondesh’ is matched only by his curiosity in tech. Rumor has it, that he once got a nasty electric shock. Ever since then he has been found to dismantle electronics with a vengeance and mod everything that goes beep.

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