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Mobile app trends that will stay in 2018

Mobile apps have never been popular in all these years maybe because of the fact that there are over two billion Smartphone users in the world. As smartphones have become an integral part of our lives apps have also become a necessity for its users. There were over 5 million apps in both (iOS and Android) app store combined and over 269 billion app downloads worldwide.

The year 2017 brought us many Innovative app technologies and features that would be the stepping stone to more advanced and futuristic technologies. Reports suggest that in 2017, cloud computing and mobile solutions had the greatest impact on digital transformation. And many app developing companies have embraced these technologies and decided to move forward to 2018.

Then again what are these features that will stay in 2018? Keep reading to find out.

Instant apps

It may have happened to you that you download an app once and might have uninstalled it because you didn’t like it; it can be an enterprise app or a third party app. Well, this problem has a solution called instant apps. Instant apps are basically a one-time use app for any app on the app store. They can try the instant app of an app that they want to test and only download it if they like. This makes sure that the user gets what he really likes and doesn’t regret the download.

AR & VR (Augmented reality & Virtual reality)

We have already witnessed the success of Pokémon Go which used augmented reality (AR). And now recently iPhone X released, where augmented reality is supported in the device which has opened a gate to augmented reality shopping experience. In 2018 we will see more advancement in AR.

Although VR is in early stages, it is highly expected that VR videos will become more popular in the coming time. VR will make the marketing sector much easier as it gives a wider platform for them to showcase their product.

Wearable devices

Wearable devices are in a state of growth since 2016 and don’t seem to stop even in 2018. The revenue that wearable devices generated in 2016 was 325 million dollars and is predicted to reach 830 million by the end of 2018. There are many popular wearable devices like Apple’s smartwatch and Google daydream view, etc. Wearable devices are now supported by almost every smartphone and are trending nowadays.

AMP (Accelerated mobile pages)

Google has initiated AMP project a year ago. And nowadays, all mobile apps are trying to use this technology in their app. AMP basically speeds up the process of page loading and reduces the bounce rate on your page resulting in increased user retention on your page. Hence, AMP will be a useful feature in all mobile apps in 2018.

Location-based services and technologies

LBS or location-based services uses real-time GPS data from the user’s device and provide them security, entertainment or information services. Many apps provide user transportation services and allow the user to check-in into hotels, reserve tables at restaurants and the applications of this feature are endless. Nowadays, all smartphones come with GPS and Bluetooth features making LBS apps easy to implement. We may see many more LBS supported apps in 2018.

AI (Artificial intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is now applied in many fields like robotics, industrial machinery, digital transformation, etc. AI has also shown its contribution to mobile app sector as well. AI is used in chatbots and customer supports and has been proved very effective. We have already seen some amazing AI apps like Prisma, Siri and Google Now in 2017 and we can only expect better in 2018.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT apps have seen a huge growth in 2017 and expected to grow more in coming years. IoT is basically a physical network connecting varied electronic devices under one IoT ecosystem. It is already in use in various sectors like healthcare, automotive, education, lifestyle, etc. Retailers predict that IoT will grow from 157 billion USD to 661 billion USD by 2021. Hence, we will see a significant advancement in IoT in 2018.


Several companies of Mobile App Development in Kuwait and around the world are adapting trending features and designs to enhance their mobile apps. If you manage to include these features into your application, it will surely be beneficial for your business.

Fahad Al Roomi
Mr. Fahad Al Roomi is the Founder and CEO of Shoretech. Having 9+ years of experience in the IT industry he has acquired great expertise in business development, project coordination and dealing with global clients. Being an IT entrepreneur he has published many articles and blogs on and mobile technologies, mobility solutions, etc.


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