Mobile Apps for Customer Management Every Small Business should Use

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Mobile Apps for Customer Management Every Small Business should Use 1

It is a great responsibility to manage customers. There is so much information, so many details and all need to be well maintained. To help people in managing this data well, there are multiple apps in the market that assist in managing interactions with existing as well as potential customers. Here is a list of mobile apps for customer management.


Best Mobile Apps for Customer Management


If you are a new entrepreneur, Highrise is a great app for you that lets you track and manage follow-ups, search your contacts, edit existing ones and add new ones.

The app lets you add notes, share comments, assign and complete tasks. You can also view upcoming tasks and see the latest activity of your team.


Zoho CRM gets you real-time access to customer information. It also helps you receive sales notifications, creates tasks, finds nearby customers and more. You can modify customer information offline and automatically sync it when you are online.

Zoho also lets you engage with your peers and collaborate with them in real-time. One of the best features of Zoho is that it gives you insights into key sales metrics and trends with dashboards.

Mobile Apps for Customer Management Every Small Business should Use 2


Another app that is built around activity-based selling. With Pipedrive, you can remain focused, organised and stay in control of a complex sales process.

You can manage your to-do list and contacts with a simple search of the name or organization. You can make tasks on the app and get it in sync with the web page of the application.


Lio is one of the must-have apps for all the new entrepreneurs out there. The application works in a way to make your life a lot easier and organised.

You can manage all kinds of data and information on the platform and manage it in your own way.

From phone numbers to money transactions, attendance to any other information that you want to store, you can. It’s one of the apps which offers mobile customer relationship management on your fingers with cloud storage. Upload more documents and have collaborators on the sheets with you.


Get a complete view of your business with the Capsule app. There is a lot that you can do like manage vendors, customers, leads and more.

You can also add or update your data even while you are offline. The app lets you start calls, emails and messages directly from contact profiles.

Mobile Apps for Customer Management Every Small Business should Use 3


Freshsales is an app that has a built-in phone and email, event tracking, lead scoring, automation and more. You can make phone calls, send emails and change deal stages even while you are away from your desktop and it will still get synched. You can access your customer data and track the sales pipeline.


The base is another great application which is an enterprise-level CRM app that lets you enhance your sales team’s processes, productivity and pipeline visibility. With the base, you can know all about your business and exactly what is going on.

With the pipeline analysis to forecasting reports, Base offers insights into sales. You can access your data offline and continue working without disruption.

Lio is one of the best mobile apps for customer management that can make a lot of difference in how you run a business and manage all the necessary information.

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