Mobile games to help you survive the social distancing

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Mobile games to help you survive the social distancing 1

Social distancing amid the pandemic is perhaps the most challenging phase that all of us had to embrace in our lives. However, the wide range of mobile games on offer through Google Play Store and other platforms have really helped us handle the psychological stress in a better way.

Keeping up with the ‘stay at home’ code, mobile games play a vital role in maintaining social distance, while interacting and having fun with others on various gaming platforms. But the problem is to find the most engaging among the plenty of options available.

We have tried to divide these gaming options among traditional mobiles games and the more recent online casino games, which have quickly gained immense popularity among mobile gaming lovers.


The following suggestions are for some excellent games to keep you engaged and follow social distancing protocols.

Traditional Mobile Games

These games are mobile versions of popular conventional games and video games, along with games that stress on mental wellbeing and hope amid the glaring situation. The pandemic has undoubtedly renewed the popularity of some of these conventional games.

  1. Uno and Ludo

The age-old classic, UNO and Ludo have an irreplaceable charm. Ludo is said to be the most downloaded game on Google Play Store alongside PUBG. If you are not too experimental, then these two excellent gaming options are just tailor-made for you.

  1. Clash of Clans

The strategy based free mobile game for the android platform; which is quite popular amongst the youngsters. Here you have to run your village and protect it against the external invaders. The game is loaded with a multiplayer version, which enables you to invite your friends to help you fight off the enemies.

  1. #SelfCare — Simply relax in your bed

This is a game where you have just to stay in your bed. There is no way to win, no clear goals, and no countdowns. The game encourages you to be gentle with yourself and be mind full of your mental state. No rush feelings will leave you in a tranquil state of mind after each session and will provoke you with the notion that the storm will eventually go away.

  1. Pandemic: The Board Game

This game is developed precisely for the current situation of COVID-19. The goal of this game is to develop a cure to combat the global pandemic. As a member of an elite disease control team, you have to travel the globe and protect cities by containing infections from rapidly spreading across the world and help save humanity from the brink of extinction . Here also you can play alone, or play with a multiplayer option.

Online Casino Games

Apart from simple strategic games, an online gaming enthusiast can also choose Indian online casino games, be a part of the excitement, and even end up winning lucrative prizes. There are many trusted websites where you can download casino games or can play instant casino games.

Some popular types of online casino games available on various marketplaces and app stores are mentioned below:

  1. Slot Machines

Most of the online casinos offer slot machines, and these come in different types and styles. You are required to line up certain numbers or symbols by spinning the wheel in order to win grand prizes offered.

Some casinos also provide the payout percentage of a slot machine. Each slot machine has a different percentage of payout, and the best slots are considered who deliver a range of 96-98% of payouts.

  1. Online Roulettes

A non-technical game and popular amongst all age groups, Roulette is an all-time favourite casino gaming enthusiasts. Here a player has to place a bet on a single number, or various grouping of numbers of their choice. Then the wheel is spun, and a ball is placed over the spinning wheel. The ball eventually falls on a number of the spin wheel, which is then termed as the lucky winning number.

  1. Table Games

Apart from hi-tech machines, the casino also offers various table games. There are lots of classic games that you can find on an online trusted casino website. Table games typically have elements of skill as well as luck, combined. So, a player has to be skillful with a little lady luck at his side to be profitable at table games. Many casinos even allow a free demo version for the table games to help gamers learn before they put real stakes on the table.

Some popular table games are:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Teen Patti
  • Three cards poker
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Craps
  1. Live Casino mobile games

Now you can play many of the traditional casino games online with live-streaming. You will find a live dealer standing right in front of you, who even communicates with you and the fellow players to provide a real brick and mortar casino feeling.

A mobile live casino allows a player to play most table games, wheel of fortune, bingo, roulettes, and much more. The interactive slot machines, jackpots, and live casino tables are some of the best features to play when you are alone at home and follow social distancing norms.

However, it is always recommended to download online casino games from a trusted website with genuine rankings and user reviews to make your gaming experience both secure and enjoyable.


Regardless of what is your liking and how you choose to kill your time, remember that there are more things to experience than just scrolling news channels and social media. Mobile games are not just about violent, gun-filled explosions. You can experiment with various strategic and online casino games to sharpen your acumen and utilize your time fruitfully.

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