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    Mistakes to Avoid While Promoting Your Mobile App

    The process of promoting a new app is essential, especially if your intent is for immediate downloads. The steps taken to promote an app are crucial to the success of the app. This usually determines how many people will decide to download and use the app. For any mobile application development company in the United […] More

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    How to choose framework for mobile application development?

    Over these years I have been casting envious glances at modern web development tools, frameworks, and practices — dreaming of a working life filled with tech stack for mobile app development. Now to come up with anything rewarding and successful isn’t easy! You need to choose the right mobile technology stack. I will show you how? So, […] More

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    Can mobile spy apps really monitor WhatsApp messages or is it just a hoax?

    Before we delve into the details of whether a spying application can truly monitor WhatsApp messages remotely, an explanation is required on how WhatsApp encrypts messages. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption meaning that the information you share is only accessible to the receiver. Third parties, including folks at WhatsApp, governments or security agencies, can’t read WhatsApp […] More

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    Why cross-platform development important to your business booster

    With the expansion of mobile cross platform development, organizations are never again subject to a single stage. They are supporting the telephones, tablets just as beginning advances, and other gadgets just as the most encouraging innovation till date, for example, the Internet of Things. There are different undertakings empowering numerous stages following Windows, Apple’s iOS, […] More

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    Top 5 Brand influencing Global Mobiles sales Q1 2019

    With the growing popularity of the smartphone market and the ways via which various brands are influencing the market, is changing every quarter of an year. Every quarter, there has been stiff competition between various mobile phone brands – out of which one company that always seems to beat its competitors, and that is Samsung. […] More

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    Features,Can Turn Your Doctor On-demand App Development Invincible

    The unique features of mobile apps for healthcare unit are revolutionizing the manner of interaction between patients and doctors. Let’s know how? What thoughts crosses your mind for the first time you think of the hospital? Obviously that dull and dreary image of waiting halls, longer-than ever queues and a lot of patients suffering from […] More

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    Importance of UI in Conversion Optimization

    Conversion optimization is the central focus of mobile app developers. Gone are the days when all you needed to do is create a unique app and put it out there. With the stiff competition in the mobile app market today, creating a one-of-a-kind app just doesn’t cut it. You need to go the extra mile […] More

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    Seven Secrets About Mobile Learning Solution

    There is no denying the fact that mobile learning is the future. Even if it’s a new domain, the concept evolving swiftly. Learners are increasingly looking for ways to seek new experiences in a mobile-friendly way. When you plan to implement m-learning in the workplace, these 7 steps will help you in creating an effective […] More

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    6 Reasons why investors are investing more in mobile apps

    By 2022, it is forecasted that total mobile app downloads will hit about 258.2 billion. This forecasted growth in the market shows that mobile will become increasingly important in the future. Investors who adapt themselves according to these trends will benefit the most. There is clearly an opportunity existing in the market. It is important […] More

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    How to build dApps that reward network participants?

     dApps: All you should know about decentralized apps: Decentralized applications are called as dApps in short. They run on a network that is not controlled by a single entity thus allowing more borderless access, transfer and recording of data, information and funds. dApps are similar to mobile apps and their difference is in terms of […] More

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    Interesting Mobile Phone Recycling Facts

    There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people – about 7.2 billion which is 1 billion more than human beings. In the Unites States alone more than 150 million phones are dumped in the garbage every year. If all these were recycled they could power a small city for more than […] More

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    Tech Industry Stand to Gain the Most by Targeting Millennials?

    From the point of view of a business, millennials are the most important of all the other customer groups and there are multiple reasons as to why that is the case. However, just like with any other age-based consumer group, certain industries are more suited to gear their products towards millennials than others, especially in […] More

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