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  • 5 Things an App Developer on React Native Wants

     If you are someone who is keen on understanding how mobile applications work you will surely be aware of React native “a JavaScript library for structure UIs” and how it has overwhelmed the mobile app development industry. React Native has just turned into a well known pattern for structure local, ground-breaking and quality portable applications […] More

  • Step by step Guide to Augmented Reality Beginner’s

    Most of us must be familiar with the term ‘Augmented Reality Technology,’ but really, don’t think a lot about it. If you get some information about AR innovation, you will most likely observe that they will attempt to clarify any application in their cell phones. Google guarantees its Project Glass to be the following enormous […] More

  • What Should We Look For in the Best Fishing Apps?

    With the passage of time technology has abruptly changed. The life style of anglers has been made easy with these best fishing apps. There is no harm in going a little extra mile for a tech savvy experience. There are high chances of better and effective fishing experience and to have a bigger catch with […] More

  • Scale Up Your Restaurant Business by Developing an Android App

    In today’s modern world, people are getting smarter with technology. Not even the people but the shops are going online. Social media has become the most interactive medium of communication. It shares the information, exchanges various ideas, and does many more things. And, most importantly it increases your network by sitting at home. Particularly, if […] More

  • How to Measure ROI of your Mobile Applications

    Measuring ROI can be very beneficial in determining the financial success of a business. But, not every mobile app developer is aware of the factors required to determine the ROI of an app. ROI determines how much your business earns on every single dollar you spend. It will also help you understand what is working […] More

  • Your iPhone Uses Artificial Intelligence in Ways You Don’t Even Know

    The scope of your iPhone’s AI-Powered features Most of your iPhone features that make your life easier are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since the launch of the iOS 10, Apple has been pushing updates in order to enable iPhones to “think differently”. Your iPhone can think on your behalf by understanding where you are, […] More

  • 7 Realities about Android App Development that Will Amaze You

    Mobile phones have simplified our lives. From searching to researching and from shopping to traveling, with the ease of mobile phones, we are now capable to handle our day-to-day requirements. When we say smartphones, many of us assume it as an android phone. According to the statement released by Google, there are 2 billion active […] More

  • Error handling in React Native

    If you have built a React app at any point in your programming career, you probably have experienced an error at some point that was cryptic and did not provide any meaningful context on what actually happened. This probably means the error occurred at some point in the application and our React component did not […] More

  • 5G network: usage, advantages and challenges

    Networks are growing faster every day, reaching formidable levels of complexity and traffic volume and making the task of managing them prodigiously. But the networking has seen developments, from 2G to 3G, to 4G. The new era will see 5G with faster and modern networking throughout the world. 5G will connect about 7 trillion wireless devices or […] More

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro The World’s Most Advanced Smartphone?

    Breaking something of a market monopoly is a tall order. The fact that 82% of teenagers in the US have opted for an iPhone ahead of any Android-based competitors underlines the challenge that rivals face in toppling Apple’s prominence when it comes to smartphones. So why are we here discussing the latest effort from Huawei […] More

  • Gamifying Your App Can Improve Downloads and User Engagement

    An app that doesn’t garner downloads or retain users over time can be a wasted of resources. Gamification, the practice of integrating game-like features and activities in a non-traditional game setting, is one method your businesses can use to improve the long-term viability of your app. Consider the following reasons why introducing a gamification concept […] More

  • 3 predictions of how smartphones will be in future

    When it comes down to the aspect of mobile phones, it is almost amusing to think about just how primary and backward things were about two decades back when most people would go wide-eyed about the options of changing their background colour or favourite ringtone. Things have come so far from that point onwards in […] More

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