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  • Why stick to iOS in this world of infinite choices?

    If you are deciding upon the operating system to go for while purchasing your device – smartphone, tablet etc, just think of a device that is caring enough to remind you that you have actually browsed enough, and should keep away from your phone. It is none other than an iOS Apple iPhone, iPad or […] More

  • Significant Role of HTML5 in the Future of Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development is a lucrative field. There are several technologies at work in this field such as frameworks, programming languages, development tools etc. These technologies are playing a significant role in the innovation of the development sector. And as the demand and user base of mobiles are increasing the need for good mobile applications […] More

  • Facts to consider before selecting the mobile app development platform

    The mobile app development sector has become a lucrative field in this day and time. Several small-scale and large-scale businesses are considering a digital approach for their business. As the significance of mobile applications is increasing, the businesses have to understand the business potential of their early app arrival in the industry. The earlier they […] More

  • Frequent Android App Development Mistakes Made By Developers

    Mobile apps are a never-ending digital culture that has been around us for a long time and will be around even after we are gone. Mobile apps have been proved a great business revenue generator that has attracted several entrepreneurs. Businesses are developing apps for their business and are generating more profit than ever. The […] More

  • How to make your Business successful on a global level with an iOS Application?

    Are you a startup? Are you looking to make your business successful on a global level? Then iOS application can be a great choice to turn your business digital and get successful on a global level. The iOS system is owned by Apple who is renowned for their precision and futuristic technology. Apple controls the […] More

  • How To Ensure That Your App Quality Remains Good!

    Are you an app developer? Then you may know how important it is to maintain the quality of your app to ensure app success. The users nowadays are very selective about the apps that they download. They are always on the lookout for new technologies and designs, so it is important to maintain the quality […] More

  • Client Questionary for Mobile App Development Companies

    There are many entrepreneurs who are planning to take their business onto the mobile app platform. But why don’t they select websites? It may be because mobile apps are generating over 80 billion USD every year and is to be projected over 180 billion USD by 2020. Many times entrepreneurs put their blind faith in […] More

  • How prototyping ensures a better start of app development process?

    Are you an app developing company? Has it ever happen to you that people don’t understand your app’s idea when you explain it to them? No doubt it is hard to convey your idea sometimes but it doesn’t mean you will never be able to. When an app developer wants to show their idea to […] More

  • Mobile app trends that will stay in 2018

    Mobile apps have never been popular in all these years maybe because of the fact that there are over two billion Smartphone users in the world. As smartphones have become an integral part of our lives apps have also become a necessity for its users. There were over 5 million apps in both (iOS and […] More

  • Reasons for Investing in Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mobile Apps!

    AI has found its way towards many sectors including robotics, industrial machinery, health care, education, etc. The field that it has influenced the most is mobile app development sector. AI or Artificial Intelligence was on the list of top 10 trending mobile app features in 2017. But what is AI?   AI is the intelligence displayed […] More

  • 5G will enable a new era of opportunity

    5G will enable a new era of opportunity

    According to recent studies, 5G, i.e. Fifth Generation is going to have visible material impact. Experts are constantly trying to make predictions in this regard, as well as quantify this impact. Some of the studies are centered on its cost aspect, while other focus on the importance of 5G in the society. But, even as […] More

  • 4 Ways to Leverage Social Media to Market iPhone Mobile App

    Marketing has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. Gone are the days when we used newspapers or print media to promote products and services instead we have “social media” today. Social Media is where people are today – be it Facebook or Instagram, the only way to reach masses today is through Social Media. […] More

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