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  • Security Features of iOS Platform

    Are you an iPhone user? Do you know the security standards of the iPhone you are using? Apple, the world class manufacturer of mobile and tablet devices, designed iOS platform, keeping security at its core. Perhaps, iOS is the major leap that is very helpful for the security of mobile devices. This operating system of […] More

  • Revealing Key Benefits of Mobility Solutions in Healthcare Industry

    Revealing Key Benefits of Mobility Solutions in Healthcare Industry

    Today, we live in the age of technology that is significantly making people change their outlook towards healthcare industry. The increasing liking of smart phones has broadened a never-ending penchant towards medical and health practices that are carried out digitally through mobile mediums. Of course, it can’t be denied that enterprise mobility solutions are now […] More

  • 5 billion people now have a mobile phone connection

    5 billion people now have a mobile phone connection, according to GSMA data

    When mobile phone came into being in the late 90s, nobody imagined that twenty years down the line, nearly two-third of the world would be using them and even further advanced technology. GSMA intelligence, the organization that takes care of interests of the global mobile networks, recently claimed that 5 billion people are now under […] More

  • Does the Xbox still make sense in a mobile gaming world?

    Does the Xbox still make sense in a mobile gaming world?

    There was once a time when Xbox was the dream of every child and gaming was not cool without an Xbox at home. However, those moments belong to a different decade as the last ten years have quite clearly changed what you understand as gaming. That is why, in all probability, Microsoft left no stones […] More

  • Cometdocs :: PDF to Word Converter

    Cometdocs is a free document management system that gives a good variety of different  conversion types and convenient options for a quick and efficient document manipulation. If you didn’t have a chance to use this app, then just remember it and visit it whenever you need to manipulate your documents and get your job done […] More

  • Google mobile saves searches if your connection drops

    Google mobile saves searches if your connection drops

    In the new Google App for Android now offers the Users a disconnected Search choice. As per the new overhaul, Users can now Search on the App notwithstanding when they are disconnected. It is helpful for Users who are in zones with moderate or no web association. If the User Searched something on Google however […] More

  • Building useful and engaging mobile apps

    Building useful and engaging mobile apps

    Mobile- the word once had a different connotation two decades ago but now, it immediately strikes the idea of the device that you carry in your pocket. Hence, it is hardly a wonder that mobile technology has become the most important thing for all enterprises and if someone does not have mobile technology infrastructure, the […] More

  • Hulu launches user profiles on mobile

    Hulu launches user profiles on mobile

    Hulu, the popular televisual service on the internet, has turned its attention towards mobile devices as they realize the increasing nature of mobile communication and the importance to ensure that they attract a growing customer base on mobile devices. Mobile is of course more personal, intimate and hence, a better way to connect with users […] More

  • mobile technology business fdvgg

    Mobile working tips to run your business from anywhere

    In today’s fast moving world running business from anywhere in the world is no more a myth. It can be done from any corner of the society. Thanks to the advanced technology science. In fact they have brought immense change in our lifestyle. A recent survey on the subject has also cleared the picture. It […] More

  • mobile technology news dsvdsfsdfds

    Best ways mobile technology can transform your business

    The greatest pattern not too far off, obviously, is the Mobile technology. Our gadgets are more quick witted and more interconnected than any time in recent memory, enabling workplaces to work all the more cooperatively — and from anyplace — and shoppers to connect with on a radical new level. 5 ways Mobile will change […] More

  • mbile-viewers-jump by 2022

    The impact of mobile technology on business operations

    Strategies for business have advanced colossally throughout the years. This has been made conceivable by the quick mix of different Technological apparatuses that have mechanized assignments and made the business forms more straightforward and more proficient, along these lines expanding profitability. Versatile Technology has been one of those patterns that have surprised the business world. […] More

  • mobile-technology touch dfvdsfdsfds

    Mobile technology acquisition could lie in classification

    In the present decade, mobile technology has developed rapidly in every aspect. Life cannot be imagined without these advanced devices. They have become our day to day necessities. Nathan Kielman of Naval Air Warfare Centre is growing to bring some cultural changes. The changes will be on all levels. Opinions of people: As people are […] More

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