Mobile technology acquisition could lie in classification

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In the present decade, mobile technology has developed rapidly in every aspect. Life cannot be imagined without these advanced devices.

They have become our day to day necessities. Nathan Kielman of Naval Air Warfare Centre is growing to bring some cultural changes. The changes will be on all levels.

Opinions of people: As people are getting habituated with advanced mobile technologies they cannot imagine leading their lives. In fact people are more comfortable with these advanced mobiles rather than other devices.

Thus it will be quite tough to introduce some other devices. There is a device for detecting the movements of old aged people. This system is known as Ubiquitous Health Care or UCH. Some basic human instincts are running, sitting or walking.

The methods used to identify human body are known as image and non image respectively. In this context it can be said that mobile technology is more ubiquitous in present days. People who are more familiar to apple or other devices cannot accept any other devices.

In fact it would be quite hard to set aside something with which people are so much acquainted. Kielman is really amazed to see that how people manage such an individual device. For him it is quite a tough job.

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Introduction of new device: Nathan Kielman at Naval Air Warfare Centre dreams to introduce a device which will be a package of software and hardware. It will also contain an area of security too. Thus it will be a very convenient device too. He also wishes to see that this device is easily adapted by people.

However there is a problem. The problem is developers are eager to know about the software. They want to know what software should be installed in the device. Here raises the question and confusion. In the last few years the use of mobile phones has increased incredibly. People are somehow very much habituated with mobile technology.

Mobiles have become everyone’s daily need. Besides this the introduction of various apps has also helped people in number of ways. By installing apps people can do varieties of work. Thus in this world of mobile technology it would be quite tough to introduce new devices. Thus one can well assume it what will be the situation.

The situation will be very hard too. Now let’s hope for the best. Let’s hope that the new device is accepted whole heartedly by people. It seems that the fight would be quite tough.


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