Monetizing IoT devices

Monetizing IoT devices 1

The internet of things is a massive platform. It is a network that grows and matures everyday. Currently, around 5 billion people are connected to this network and it is estimated that it shall become a potential market with 7 billion drivers by 2020.

Lot of people are eyeing on this for sector for monetisation. A lot of leading brands and companies are looking forward to put in their capital for high estimated returns. The market  is now worth of more than $11 trillion. To generate this specific kind of profit, you need the required technology and business model. Gere are a few brief steps to monetize IoT successfully:


Well, it is told by experts that applications decide the way we deal with a device. It creates a major transformation for how we look at it. From smartphones to tablets and dog collars, IoT has made it’s way through for various companies and labels to become more and more innovative and come up with more applications for it’s consumers.

These applications reel in a lot of money. If it is liked by many, it shall be dwelled upon by many.

There are investors and buyers ready to give in to get monetised returns for an application.

Cloud networking

Since it is a huge spaced network, the users need an assured way of receiving data and sending data. Knowing this need, companies are trying to serve the best of it and are coming up with better alterations for Cloud everyday. Wi-Fi networks allow a layer of communication. Various devices like cameras, smart alarms, and security locks use the same communication layer for an exchange of data with the coded devices. This kind of communication of data allows a device to be connected to multiple devices at the same time  hence, making a cloud ecosystem.

It is important to know that software distribution contributes to the betterment of user experience.

The connectivity through cloud enables companies to provide the users with constant updates and new features for a product or service independently or through  their application. With this ability of digital management they are able to bag more consumers. This lets them improve their performance based on the information collected from their users. These are very beneficial for the partners and developers.

Ecosystem ::

A strong ecosystem of partners and developers ensure the collectiveness of the device.  For example, the company FitBit dedicates itself for fitness tracker products that are wearables.

The value of your service increases with a betterment in the ecosystem.


Well, it is obvious that you will have to put up your product on a window so that consumers can attain it. For example Google Play and App Store are two such platforms which are a huge marketplace. Consumers can come and browse for various products and have various options at the same time.

Finally, monetize the marketplace and ecosystem that you built. Add commercial abilities to reel in more profits.

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