Monetizing Online Audio and Video Content On Your ConnectPal Page


Slowly but surely, audio and video are becoming the dominant online formats. Podcasts are growing more popular by the day and some experts estimate that video will make up more than 80% of Internet traffic by 2022.

The Podcast Revolution

 Podcasts are essentially long-form radio documentaries and stories that are shared online, instead of over the airwaves. Former U.S. radio talk show host Neal Boortz, who was on Atlanta radio for most of the past 45 years, made a switch and now does two or three short podcasts every week for his ConnectPal network.

The idea behind ConnectPal is simple.

Any content creator can create a free profile and add content to their profile, then the content creator sets a monthly price for fans and followers to access their profile content. In Boortz’s case, he charges $2.99 a month for a subscription to his podcasts.

The communal style of ConnectPal creates an exclusive social marketplace that is growing quickly. The site features a list of celebrities, experts and notable figures, like news correspondent and TV personality Jane Velez-Mitchell and American Olympic tennis player Vince Spadea, as well as radio host Boortz.

But really anyone can join ConnectPal and collect memberships. The key is to create content that people don’t mind paying for. Technobugg suggests keeping your online audio and video content short and concise as many users today are connecting via smartphone and will click out if the video or audio clip is too long. So if you have a lengthy topic to promote, cut it down into shorter, bite-sized clips. If you’re a blogger, convert your blogs into audio clips, creating instant podcasts.

Earning from Online Video

 As we noted earlier, video has become the dominant online medium, as leader YouTube posts more and more videos everyday. You can earn money through video in a few ways, including allowing YouTube to place ads before your video. Content creators share the revenue with YouTube. To participate in the program, you must own the copyright of your videos and your videos must generate thousands of impressions at the minimum. There are also several video sharing sites where you can earn cash if your videos have reached a certain number of views.

For example, the Metacafe Producer Rewards program is open to any creator of an original short video, and you get paid $2 for every 1,000 views, starting at the 20,000 views mark. You can also create commissioned videos or produce videos for other. And if you team up with ConnectPal, you can charge subscribers a monthly fee to view your online videos.

Although approximately 300 hours of new videos are updated to YouTube every minute (with podcasts heading in the same direction), creative producers can still easily come up with new and original ideas. If that’s you, take advantage of services like ConnectPal, which can help you establish a creative career that you love.

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