Morse Micro, Zetifi Elevate IoT Farming Connectivity at CES

Morse Micro & Zetifi team up for better farm tech, ensuring good internet in remote spots.

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Morse Micro, Zetifi Elevate IoT Farming Connectivity at CES

Exciting news is sprouting from Morse Micro, a renowned Wi-Fi company, and Zetifi, the innovators of farm tech. Their new teamwork, announced at CES 2024, is like giving farms a super boost into the digital world. They are making sure that farms, even in the farthest spots, have good internet, so farmers can use cool tech everywhere on their farm.

Zetifi has some awesome gadgets, like ZetiCell and ZetiRover, that are like a farmer’s best buddies. These gadgets work like magic antennas, making Wi-Fi reach far-away places where phones usually don’t get good signals. So, for farmers in the countryside, it is like having a strong internet connection. This helps them use cool and smart farming tools without any problems.

Morse Micro is bringing their Wi-Fi wizardry to the mix with Wi-Fi HaLow technology. It is like giving Zetifi’s gadgets a high-level upgrade. Wi-Fi HaLow is like a champion for Wi-Fi. It makes Wi-Fi signals go very far and work super well. So, when it teams up with Zetifi’s ZetiCell and ZetiRover gadgets, they become even more powerful. This makes it easier for farmers to use smart farming stuff. It is like opening the door to a world of easy and smart farming.

Dan Winson, Zetifi CEO, said he thinks that with Wi-Fi HaLow the farming will get even smarter.

With improved Wi-Fi coverage all over the farm, more ways to use advanced technology, and the ability to get things done even in tricky spots where internet signals are usually tricky, farming is on the brink of a major technological revolution, thanks to Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow. Get ready for a farm tech upgrade like never before, with fields becoming smarter! The future of farming is gearing up to be super bright and filled with excitement.

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