Moshi AI Chatbot Launches with GPT-4o-like Features

By Sunil Sonkar
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Moshi AI Chatbot Launches with GPT-4o-like Features

This a new era in the world of technology. This is the era of artificial intelligence (AI). French AI startup Kyutai is making waves lately. It has unveiled its latest creation named Moshi, which is a AI-powered chatbot. It is claimed to be similar to GPT-4o. The word Moshi comes from the Japanese greeting for answering a phone call.


Moshi has the ability to understand the nuances of human speech and also interpret tones as well as emotions. It has been developed using the Helium large language model equipped with 7 billion parameters. It can converse in various accents and more than 70 distinct emotional styles. It can even handle dual audio streams. This means it can listen and respond simultaneously.

Speed is another notable aspect of Moshi. Its response time is 200 milliseconds and this is the reason it is able to surpass its counterparts including GPT-4o’s Advanced Voice Mode. The speed achieved is due to intensive training on 100,000 synthetic dialogues using Text-to-Speech technology.

Apart from all these, it is surprising to know that Moshi has been crafted in just six months by a team of eight researchers. Moreover, the platform does not compromise on privacy. Kyutai plans to open-source its code and framework. This will ensure that users can utilize it securely offline.

Kyutai reveals it has aims to integrate Moshi with an AI-powered audio identification and tracking system in the future. This means that it is committed to advancing open-source AI models. However, it is not a direct competitor to larger models like GPT-4o right now but it of course represents a significant stride towards democratizing AI technology.

In short, it can be said that Moshi AI chatbot is setting up a new era in the world of intelligent chatbots.

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