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By Sony T
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Technology has the power to delight and annoy all of us at any given moment, although it is something that we simply cannot live without.


Whether it is the fact that it allows us to do something as simple as being able to browse the internet, or whether it be the ability to make a phone call to a loved one, technology is something that we will use for almost every single waking hour that a person has.

However, it can have its moments where it goes wrong and can leave a person feeling irritated and annoyed for a period of time, although when, for example, you found a handy guide  to fixing BetRivers mobile app then everything is forgiven and forgotten about until it happens again.

Unfortunately, there are a number of different pieces of technology and kit that continue to provide individuals with continued annoyance because they simply will not work in the way that they were designed to. Here are just some of the technology that receives the most complaints from frustrated users:

Slow internet

Undoubtedly, slow internet is one of the biggest complaints that anyone who uses technology will likely have. In a world where we have become accustomed to high speeds and having everything in an instant – including deliveries – slow internet just is not acceptable anymore. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to action a request on your mobile phone, only for it to run slowly and struggle to display the page or information you’re trying to access. Hopefully, with the growing worldwide introduction of 5G in developed countries, this issue will become a thing of the past as more and more providers are able to offer the cutting-edge speeds to their mobile customers. Although this may take a few years, if not a decade to be fully rolled out worldwide, we welcome the day when slow internet is a thing of the past!

Gone are the days where an image would take the whole day to load on a computer screen, however there are some that will still feel that they are not getting the speeds that they should be; especially when they have paid for it as part of their internet package.


The printer once had the potential to be a life-saving piece of technology, however it also had the ability to ruin the rest of your day as they continue to infuriate people by working whenever they seem to want. Of course, many have gotten rid of the need to be connected by a wire to a device, thus allowing to print wirelessly, however, it could be argued that this has made things more difficult as the technology does not always work as it should.

Further issues individuals can have with printers include things such as paper jams and speed, as some print jobs can appear to take an age when really they ought to just take a moment or two. As with all progression in technology, the next stage of printing came in the form of 3D printing, which we suspect is the future of the tech given that more and more companies are trying to go paperless for environmental concerns.

Is there anything more infuriating than a pop-up ad? What about when hundreds seem to load up as soon as you click on an area of the website? Unfortunately, this piece of tech looks set to stay and will likely only continue to increase as it is a way for companies to be able to make money.

Mobile phone battery

The vast majority of the world’s population will spend far too long glued to their mobile phones these days as these pieces of technology have all the ability to do virtually anything you want. However, because of their constant use, many find that they are complaining about the battery life as they do not appear to be able to last for as long as we need them to. Batteries are easily one of the biggest complaints in the mobile landscape by its users. Even though the technology has largely remained unchanged since the mobile phone was first popularized all the way back in the 1980s, ironically the issue of battery life has only recently become a complaint of users. Back when mobile technology was transitioning from a regular handset that made and received phone calls whilst also being able to send and receive text messages, they did not have the capability of today’s devices. As a result, the constant use of today’s modern handsets which encompass our entire lives, from daily trivial things such as a morning alarm clock or calculator, to using it as a GPS guidance system to find the least congested route to work or even monitoring the ever-changing landscape of social media by staying in touch with friends.

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