Most credible eSignature providers in India

Most credible eSignature providers in India 1

An online signature is a computerized method of putting pen to paper digitally. As indicated by the Electronic Signature and Records Association, an online signature can appear as a sound, image, or cycle. Online signatures can be wedged on a PC, tablet, or cell phone. Online signatures confirm and approve the expectations of the underwriter. 

Digital signatures became popular in the Indian corporate world after their legalization in 2000 with the IT Act 2000. The best eSign programming arrangements can simplify many processes involving signing documents. Electronic signatures can significantly save cost and time for companies while expatiating the process of starting a new initiative. Many companies have emerged that can professionally enable a secure system of digital signatures for your companies. Given beneath are the best eSign suppliers in India.

Explained: Electronic & Digital eSignature

An electronic signature is a digital form of a wet ink signature while digital signature encapsulates the identity of the signing authority in terms of a digital signing certificate. Before hand KYC is done in case of digital signatures, just as in Aadhaar signature, while electronic signature is done at the time of signing. There are hybrid signature and customized solutions such as integration with single Sign On. Using hybrid signature, while internally a company gets the flexibility to sign a document by multiple departments via Digital Signature, the same document can be signed by external party using Electronic signatures. What’s more? You can access and sign a document on a smartphone or laptop. 

If you are looking for something like electronic signature software, you should try This is online signature software that allows you to sign documents through your computer or smartphone. It is very simple and quick. You can easily sign contracts, agreements, receipts, etc., using this app. sign cc is a digital signature software for individuals and businesses. It’s easy to use, safe and secure. The system is easy to use and uncomplicated, allowing the user to create an effective sign from start to finish in minutes. is online signature software that lets you create and save professional digital signatures.

Legal binding

The IT Act 2000 states that electronic signatures are legally valid, provided they are in compliance with law’s provisions and required certificates are obtained from a certifying authority recognized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities appointed under the Act. According to the IT Act, the final document needs to be secured with a tamper-evident seal. We too have a tamper proof audit trail system in place to ensure that no information is hampered in any possible way. As far as legality is concerned, these documents are as binding as physical ones. As a matter of fact, electronic documents are harder to falsify or tamper with. It is the secured storage that makes the documents legally admissible, and also safeguards against cyber attacks.


Adobe Sign is the online signature arrangement offered by perhaps the most famous name in the product business. Adobe’s administration provides a lot of highlights and usefulness. It’s accessible through both web and mobile application. So, you can, without much of a stretch, utilize your virtual signature when away from the workplace. 


KONSIGN is an electronic signature platform developed by KONZE that helps individuals and businesses sign documents electronically in a secure and efficient manner. It’s a cloud-based platform that offers a range of features, including secure document sharing, storage, and collaboration. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with an interface that is easy to navigate and understand. Users can sign up for the platform and start using it immediately, without the need for any special software or hardware

The platform is designed to be secure and easy to use, making it accessible for small businesses and large corporations alike. It is a cost-effective solution that can help businesses of all sizes optimize their operations and increase efficiency.

MSB Docs 

Recognized under the government of India’s Start-up India Programme, MSB Docs is a pioneering signature arrangement firm in India. It is helping a large number of firms, both small and big, in going paperless in an error-free manner. Apart from paperless documentation, MSB Docs also offers hybrid signature arrangements as computerized and electronic signs. The organization gives region-specific signature modules as well. The company adheres to local laws that can vary from one place to another and from one country to another. Recently, the company was also recognized as the top 3 eSignature agents in Gartner Peer Insights. To meet specific needs in India, the company has also introduced an Aadhaar-based Signature. The company has provided its services to large scale enterprises hailing from different sectors including life sciences, healthcare education, automotive and education, among others.


DocuSign is yet another committed online signature arrangement supplier, offering simple to utilize programming to get your records signed rapidly. It puts a great deal of accentuation on security, utilizing solid encryption innovations and utilizing industry best practices. The company offers e-signature packages under three categories – Individual, large enterprises and MSMEs.   

OneSpan Sign 

On the off chance that you need support from some famous names in this industry, OneSpan Sign is the name that you can trust. The company has got a considerable client base utilizing its online signature programming. Companies of varied size, from small to large, are using the services of OneSapn. They have an improved, simple to-utilize work process across gadgets. In any case, just as adaptability, the product likewise has the insurance of your organization’s security at its heart.


The company boasts of bringing paperless and hassle-free documentation and digital processes specifically designed for Indian businesses and consumers. Digio offers comprehensive digital solutions for different purposes like enabling legal signing of documents, digitalizing traditional recurring payments or verifying user identity. With its multi party sequential signing, one can send signature requests to multiple partners in a specified signing order. To provide cloud-based on-premise solutions, Digio offers digital signing using SAAS based plug-n-play APIs. Besides, there is a mechanism for anyone to sign trading and demat account opening forms, lending agreements, invoices etc.


eMudhra’s USP is that it issues Digital Signatures in the least possible turnaround time, through a complete paperless mechanism. It is a certifying authority licensed by Controller of Certifying Authorities and provides Digital Signature solutions to any entity that uses digital certificates for purposes like GST, Income Tax, Tenders, Foreign Trade, Banking etc. There is a simple three-step system for the purpose wherein one needs to click on Buy Certificate, following which the verification of identity is done digitally, with the last step being downloading of the Digital Signature certificate.


The Bengaluru-based entity boasts of assisting the needs of class 2 and 3 digital signatures, which can be leveraged for different purposes like e-ticketing, ITR filing, Form 16 signing etc. The platform claims that its inception is driven by the idea of introducing breakthrough digital solutions. It offers a mixed bag of IT/digital services aimed at serving the needs of different industries, professions as well as individuals. The services of eSignIndia can be availed by those who need digital signature from outside India.

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