Most of India’s User will Have a smartphone with access to Internet

India is becoming a lot more digitized then it was a few years ago. This sudden rise in the digitization efforts have had a major impact on the Indian population.

So, much so, that it is believed that in India, the number of people using Internet is going to increase 40% to between 750-800 million.

In fact, the number of smartphone users is going to get really high, and probably double by the year 2023. These stats also indicate a great scope of growth for the internet providers in the country.

As, their customer base might even touch the 835 million by the year 2023. In fact, even in the recent times, the country’s internet subscriber’s base has increased swiftly.

The key factor leading to the growth in the number of internet users is the accessibility to smartphones. As, users are now able to make most of the high-speed connectivity, from their smartphones, therefore, the impact of digitization could be seen more easily.

What’re the key driving factors behind India’s unbelievably high growth in terms of the internet and smartphone users?

As per the stats mentioned above and a plenty of other reports, it is pretty evident that the number of Internet and smartphone users in India is growing immensely. And, now, the question arises, what are the leading influences of this immense growth of internet and smartphones in India?

When it comes to one of the prime factors leading to the success of internet and smartphones, it is definitely the convenience that they offer. Internet or digitization has made the life of the users a lot easy, comfortable and convenient. Let’s take an example of ‘electricity bill payments’.

Earlier, the users used to spend overs in the queue at the bill payment centers to pay their electricity bills. And, now, it takes literally some minutes to pay the bill via a smartphone (thanks to internet).

And, this is just one of the examples, there are so many ways in which the use of internet and smartphones have made the lives if the people so much more convenient.

Impact of internet on the business sector

The steep rise in the volume of internet users has not only impacted individuals, but it has also impacted the business users in a plenty of ways too. The eCommerce industry in India is blooming and it is majorly because of the increased number of internet users.

Now, people find it so much easy and less time consuming to buy good or grocery online. They prefer buying things through apps and mobile sites than visiting shops. Therefore, the eCommerce firms are increasing day by day and the industry is expected to reach a new height in the coming years.

Apart from the eCommerce sector, a majority of the other sectors are also positively impacted by the growth of internet and internet users. As now, most of the companies like to offer their services or products digitally as well.

There are so many websites, mobile apps development company, social media pages of the companies etc. So, basically, digitization is playing a major role in leading to the success of the businesses.

Increased use of internet boosts connectivity

Internet is also bringing the world together. As, now, it is so easy to converse with anyone, from any part of the world through our smartphone. Thus, internet and the use of smartphones have certainly brought the world closer.

In fact, the number of social media users is also increasing with the increase in the number of internet users. An average Indian social media user is presently spending almost 17 hours on social media sites every week.

But, the increased use of social media has not just bright people closer, but it has also helped companies to market their products or services digitally also. Companies are able to amplify their digital presence as they see a huge audience using the social media platforms.

Thus, they are able to communicate their messages to a vast number of people through the digital platforms.

Internet users in India are increasingly heavily and the number is expected to grow higher and higher. At the same time, the smartphone users are also expected to grow as smartphones have made it possible for the users to make the most of internet.

Written by Chirag

Software Programmer 

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