Mozilla is advocating for Lean Data practices in India

Mozilla is advocating for Lean Data practices in India 1

Mozilla, the company which is best known for the popular and most famous Firefox browser and one of the key players in the privacy debate across the world, does not think it is right to suggest Indian companies are unaware of the risks when it comes to the part of data privacy or do not know of the law in other parts of the world as well.

The Lead Product and Data Counsell at the Mozilla, Urmika Shah, who was also a part of the roundtable discussion on the privacy matters last month with some of the India biggest online companies, says that the group was very knowledgeable about the different types of laws which even includes in other places like the GDPR, and the upcoming law over here.

“A lot of these companies are already on their own initiatives thinking about privacy and have taken a lot of measures within their services that are more privacy or security protective,” Shah told in a report on her observations from the discussions.

The discussion also saw some of the participation from the companies like the Practo, Zomato, Ola, Zeitap, Ibibo and others too look into the issue of data security and privacy. The closed-door discussion is a part of the larger Mozilla initiative to initiate a discussion around the data privacy with the help of internet connection across the globe. Mozilla also launched its own Lean Data Practice website this year as a republic resources for the organizations which are even trying on how to work with the data security, the privacy of user data and prepare the security breaches.

“Companies can do a better job of translating these risks for users and make them feel that they have control over their data. We talked about not just hiding all this or putting all the information away to a privacy policy, but making sure that you are given this information at the right point of time, rather than it just like at the start of the service,” Kak explains.

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