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Mozilla launches its mobile Test Pilot experiments

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Firefox, which is the best privacy browser available has tried to test Pilot programme with Mozilla’s as a way to try out some of its experimental features of the Web browser. Now, the company is extending the programme to its mobile Android and iOS as well, with the launch of Notes by Firefox and Firefox Lockbox.

While Notes is a note-taking app for all the Android users, the Lockbox is a password manager for all the iOS users. Both of them are standalone apps that can easily be sync with the Firefox browser on both the the desktop and mobile.

First, its FireFox LockBox- it is a Firefox experiment of test pilot that will gives you access to all the logins you have saved to Firefox at any of your device whether it will be on Android or iOS. What you have to do is to log in to Lockbox with the help of your Firefox Account credentials, and your saved usernames and passwords will sync to the app via 256-bit encryption.

It means, that every User ID and password will going to be stored in your Web browser, for instance, login IDs for Instagram or Twitter, are automatically synced to Lockbox and can be used for later time as well. This enables you to then directly log in to corresponding iOS apps at one go without any delay.

Meanwhile, Notes by Firefox, as the name only suggests, it is just a note-taking app for Android. It works same as like the Google Keep or other note-taking apps, as it stores your encrypted notes and syncs them between your mobile phone and the applications. Additionally, it only supports plain text and does not come with formatting, images, or other options.

The Firefox Lockbox is available on the Apple App Store as an English-only app in some of the countries only as of now which includes Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US, and Canada. The Notes by Firefox app is available for download on Google Play, but Mozilla says that the app is currently unstable and under development stage only.


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