MSSA Unveils Plan for Seamless IoT Connectivity Worldwide

Today in San Ramon, California, corporate giants launched MSSA to blend satellite and traditional networks for easier internet access.

By Sunil Sonkar
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MSSA Unveils Plan for Seamless IoT Connectivity Worldwide

Today, a group of corporate giants in the satellite and internet world came together in San Ramon, California, to start something new and it is called the Mobile Satellite Services Association (MSSA). Their goal is to make it easier for everyone to connect to the internet by blending satellite and regular internet networks.


MSSA is seeking to use special parts of the radio spectrum, called L- and S-band spectrum, to create a big global network. They are aiming to follow the same rules that regular cellphone networks use, so your phone can hop between satellite and regular networks without a hitch.

What is understood is that this opens up lots of new opportunities. For one, it means even really far-flung places could get internet access. It could simultaneously make self-driving cars, smart farms and government services work better by connecting them to the internet anywhere.

The plan is for satellite companies, phone makers and other tech experts to team up to make this idea a reality. They want to set up standards that everyone can agree on and make sure all the different parts of the system work together smoothly.

MSSA chairman Mark Dankberg says this could be a big deal. He believes it could create a new market for satellite internet and simultaneously ensure countries control their airspace.

The group aims to achieve big goals like enabling different satellites to communicate and making it easy for your phone to switch networks as well as ensure everyone uses space and airwaves efficiently.

They also want countries to have a say in space matters and for everyone to benefit from satellite internet’s new opportunities.

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