Mumbai Based Startup @ marks its Stretch in the sector

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Mumbai Based Startup @ marks its Stretch in the sector 1

While social media overcomes the lives of the people, globally, startups and businesses also require the social media platform to develop the strategies better. According to a survey by Buffer, it has also been reported that the renowned platforms of Instagram and Snapchat are crucially effective for boosting up the business strategies, involving 50 percent of the brands or businesses. Yet, the effectiveness of the social media campaign is performed on low awareness and only a handful of companies define their social media strategies. Thus to create social media marketing, an affordable platform, Armand Poonawala, 24-year-old founded @(referred as at) in the year 2017.


Armand’s mind popped the idea of @, to enable the content creators to get the affordable price minor business hubs and also to build a platform that allows the companies to connect with verified creatives. The idea to initiate the platform came to Armand in 2015 and was also successful to convince the three New York-based startups to sign up for the motion.

Yet, it strikes him that this would be illegal to start while he is in America on a student visa. After coming in Mumbai, he grounded up the idea there and began to  focus more on the restaurants in NYC, calling it as Crave, that later named as @, in April 2019.

Furthermore, the mentions to identify various six strategies which work with social media marketing content and strategies for a human connection that seems to involve, aspire or develop with trend or aesthetically driven enhancing project. Also, @ was able to break through the social media platform and categories it into certain different divisions, photography, surveillance, graphic design, influencer marketing, ad management, content strategy and analytics.

Armand estimates that it is not possible to frequently deliver a good quality content which can be assessed by anyone. Thus, the startup looks after the company as the OYO startup, that can acquire the startup as the aggregator while meeting the standards of the company’s requirements as well.

Also, @ acquires the companies to choose a subscription package that is categorized in various aspects and thus helps the customers to choose the best out of its package specifically suited for that customer with their needs and budget. @ also provides the customers with a custom package in which customers can choose the perfect solutions they want.

The startup presently looks after the demands of more than 50 clients and stretches out both in the US and India. Further, the startup looks forward for monthly gross revenue to reach $82,500 by March 2020, and nearly 4-fold improvement from its project in June 2019 revenue of $22,000. It also seeks a boost of clients within this period from 40 to pitch 150.

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