MyCaptain an ed-tech startup, secures INR 14 Crore funding

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MyCaptain an ed-tech startup, secures INR 14 Crore funding 1

Inflection Point Ventures has announced an investment in education technology startup MyCaptain which aims to enable everyone to pursue a career they love. Some other investors in this round are MyNavi, Piper Serica, Super Capital and Ankur Capital.

Securing funds for strategic growth, MyCaptain plans to expand their hybrid programs into diverse cities, establishing 4+ regional sales centers. Additionally, they aim to enrich their course offerings, introducing new programs to reach a portfolio milestone of 50+ beginner courses and 5+ placement readiness programs. These initiatives align with MyCaptain’s commitment to providing quality education and enhancing accessibility across regions. The investment will play a pivotal role in catalyzing their expansion efforts, ensuring a broader reach and more diverse educational offerings.

MyCaptain was founded in 2016 by three visionary individuals who have all received a Special Mention in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. All three foundersMohammed Zeeshan (CEO), Sameer Ramesh (CLO), and Ruhan Naqash (COO)hold a bachelor’s degree in technology.


Mitesh Shah, Co-Founder, Inflection Point Ventures says, “Digital era has brought sweeping transformation across all industries. However, the education sector remains the same. While traditional fields like medicine, engineering, and CA remain vital, they cannot sustain the demands of modern society. There is an urgent need for individuals proficient in web design, social media management, content writing & digital marketing strategies, yet these courses are far from being integrated into mainstream education. MyCaptain addresses the gap by offering courses like Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics Course, Digital Marketing and more to ensure students are well-prepared for the evolving professional landscape. With the Indian Ed-tech market projected to reach 10.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, MyCaptain’s focus on practical skill development position it as a leader in creating an Ed-tech platform that focuses on job readiness compared to others that focuses on pre-K-12 and K-12 segment.”

Hidekazu Ito, Managing Director, Mynavi says, “Mynavi has been focusing on addressing and resolving challenges that India faces today, especially Human Resources and Education space in order to achieve our group vision “Navigate Your Best” which means we want to support people’s any turning points. MyCaptain is an upskilling education platform for higher education space to support those who struggle to get job opportunities or aspirational students/young professionals for career growth. We believe that their sustained growth will make a positive impact on the freshers or young professionals hiring segment in India. Also, we believe this partnership can be leveraged to the Japanese hiring scene.”

Demonstrating impactful outcomes, MyCaptain has successfully trained a large number of paid learners through their comprehensive beginner and job placement programs, maintaining an impressive average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50+ across their diverse offerings. In the past year alone, their network of 1000+ hiring partners has facilitated placements for 1300+ learners in coveted roles such as Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and UI/UX Design, securing an average CTC that surpasses the industry average by 35%. MyCaptain’s innovative hybrid learning program has achieved remarkable success, with over 25% of the initial cohort securing jobs within one month of course completion, showcasing the effectiveness of their approach. Furthermore, their commitment to financial sustainability is evident in their strong Contribution Margin 2 (CM2) level profitability.

Mohammed Zeeshan, Co-Founder & CEO of MyCaptain says, “With this fresh round of funding, we continue our focus on building out a full stack career platform for your early career journey. Our platform has courses designed for career discovery and exploration as well as Job Focussed Bootcamps being run in Classroom Centres and Online.

We crossed 20,000+ enrollments across our courses and will be ending with Rs 31Cr in booking revenue in FY 23/24. Our next focus is to reach 50,000+ yearly enrollments in our courses and Rs 100 Cr in bookings by FY 25/26.”

With over 50M+ college graduates and early professionals, looking to build careers in fields beyond coding, the TAM for this segment is $30B. Capitalizing on this, MyCaptain’s strengths lie in their formidable social presence that garners over 15 million impressions monthly, facilitating exceptional Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs) in competitive landscapes. At the core of their offerings is a comprehensive full-stack career solution that seamlessly integrates placement assistance tools such as a proprietary jobs board and AI-driven interview practice directly into their platform. Evidencing the startup’s success is an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) exceeding 50+ across all programs. Currently, the company onboards more than 2000 students monthly, encompassing both their beginner and advanced placement assistance programs.

About MyCaptain

MyCaptain is an ed-tech startup that enables every human to pursue a career they love. They provide full stack career platform for your early career journey. Their platform has courses designed for career discovery and exploration as well as Job Focussed Bootcamps being run in Classroom Centres and Online. With MyCaptain, one can get full-time jobs, freelance gigs and internship opportunities.

MyCaptain has trained more than 250,000 learners in careers across content, design, visual arts, finance, business and empowered them to become entrepreneurs, writers, designers, filmmakers, financial analysts, and more.

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