Myths on Apple device security

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Myths on Apple device security

Data protection as well as encryption; these are two inseparable appellations which are associated with the brand essence of Apple. The Apple devices enjoy a reputation of employing some of the best security features for user data. However, there are some myths which keep hovering around the world famous brand. Here, we are making an effort to unfurl some of those myths. 


Are you an enthusiast for the renowned Apple devices? Well, in order to make the proper use of the devices and the ancillary IOS system you need to toe the line. To begin with, you should bust some myths in the first place. The devices are secure and therefore will be much of use, once you differentiate between the myths and the reality. 

Here’s a close glance at some of the myths which you should infer.  Let us seize an introspection with them.  

Myth: You can’t handle Apple IDs easily 

It is one of the most frequent and commonly faced myth which you might experience. The Apple ID is not that difficult to handle. It is your secured account and it will help you take the real leverage of ancillary services such as iMessage, iCloud, Apple Music, Books, Face Time, iTines, Apple Store and a hell lot of stuff like that. Managing the ID is quite easy. You will get all the instructions. Whether it is sign-in, update email address or changing passwords, you will have detailed instructions. You can also manage third party applications with the Apple ID of yours. 

Myth: You need additional support for encryption with Apple devices  

That’s another interesting one. Though many people might have this conception, it is only a myth. It is actually easy to go for encryption with Apple devices and you don’t need any rocket science or extra support for this task. All you need to do is to follow a few very simple and manageable instructions. 

To set things rolling you will have to access the settings option and you should use your password along with ID. There is an icon that shows “Password Options”. You will have to feed in a numeric or an alphanumeric code over there as a recommended step. After this step, once you get the confirmation from the system, you can consider that your Apple device is fully encrypted from now on. 

Myth: Apple devices have a better and more secure system compared to Windows 

It is an intriguing one for sure. Veterans of the industry observe that Apple devices as well as Mac products might not be that much of a target for hackers and unethical virtual entities. However, even after considering that fact it would be wrong to assume that Apple devices are completely immune to cyber threats. Similarly, the notion that Apple devices have a better and more secure system compared to Windows is not absolutely true. It has often been a grandiose or boastful assertion from Ape that their products are immune to common viruses which could harm a PC or the Windows operating systems. However, veterans would like to consider this assertion as dangerously misleading. To give you the truth, Apple devices can give in to viruses just the same way as any Windows operating system would do. 

Myth: Malicious apps cannot harm Apple 

This one is a common myth which seems to engulf the minds of many users of Apple devices. It might be something like a rare phenomenon, but Apple devices can get infected with the ravages of any malware.  It generally does not occur except when you procure any particular app from any other play store rather than App Store.  Any sort of suspicious link could also trigger a malicious effect. 

The conclusion

Hope you could have a crystal clear understanding of the myths surrounding Apple devices and the IOS systems. In case you have any query or you feel like adding some other points in the discourse, please feel free to leave your valuable comments, suggestions and feedback.  Your comments and suggestions will inspire us to keep on providing information enriched blog posts in future as well. Keep yourself updated and stay safe. 

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