Narayana Murthy Discards AI Job Threat Narrative

By Sunil Sonkar
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Narayana Murthy Discards AI Job Threat Narrative

Narayana Murthy, the visionary founder of Infosys, is steering away from the common narrative that Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses a threat to jobs. But he thinks of AI as a big boost to what people can do. It is like the next big thing that can make humans even more capable. In a recent interview he talked a lot about how AI is super important for solving problems and how our brains are super flexible.


Murthy likes how AI is getting better really fast. He says it makes our brains smarter. Whether it is fancy ChatGPT-4 or smart algorithm thinking, he says having lots of data is super important for making machines learn.

Murthy wants more people to write things down instead of just talking. He says it is important to gather a lot of useful information that fits India’s culture and progress.

Dismissing concerns about AI making coders obsolete, Murthy draws parallels with historical technological leaps. Reflecting on the limitations of case tools in the 1970s, he stresses the adaptability of the human mind as the most flexible instrument.

He thinks that when faced with really big and tricky problems, current tools aren’t enough. He believes if we use AI to help people handle these tough challenges, we can make big progress in solving difficult problems.

Identifying specific domains like automatic driving and precision surgery, Murthy envisions AI enhancing human capabilities rather than supplanting them. He says AI is super useful in precise surgeries and robotics.

When talking about the adverse side of technology, Murthy says we need to make sure it does not end up in the hands of people who might use it for harm. “As long as we prevent these technologies from falling into the hands of malicious individuals, we are on the right track,” he stated.

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