Nasscom unveils second batch of DeepTech Club

Nasscom unveils second batch of DeepTech Club 1

Nasscom has now introduced with the second batch of its DeepTech club with the aim to encourage niche areas such as the machine learning and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning etc.

As of now, 22 companies have got benefited from the program of the three months where they have received the mentoring connects, investors, exposure to enterprises and the global ecosystem.

Milind Hanchinami, the Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Developer Relations at the Intel Technologies and a member of the Nasscom Product council revealed that “It was a fantastic experience working with a diverse set of companies and such unique and innovative technologies and more than that it was an amazing learning experience interacting with the founders themselves. It is going to be an exciting phase for startups in India over the next 5 years and we will continue to engage with them and be part of this journey!”

The second batch of the DeepTech club also includes a very diverse set of the companies that have the multiple deep technology such as the Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, Immersive Technologies, computer vision, artificial Intelligence, quantum computing and have also built some of the phenomenon use cases for the several fields which includes the marketing, manufacturing, cyber security, customer experiences, transport infrastructure, governance, and public safety.

Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM, said, “Prowess in deep tech and artificial intelligence will be one of the main drivers of economic competitiveness in the near future and deep tech startups will drive innovation & spearhead the broad structural transformation of the economy. The DeepTech Club reaffirms efforts in evangelizing and mentoring India’s latent, untapped talent in emerging technologies. We will continue its drive towards catalyzing deep tech start-ups, build category leaders and support start-ups to create not only for India but also scale up and solve for the world.”

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