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Why We Need To Democratize Artificial Intelligence Education

times, harvest doesn’t go according to plan. This makes the farmers desperate and they borrow money from loan sharks who provide loans at very bad rates. At times, when it becomes impossible to pay back these creditors, farmers kill themselves. At times, suicide occurs by morbid methods such as eating pesticide. This is the only way they can find to save themselves from the ruthlessness of creditors.

Tackling Injustice in the Age of Technology

The only manner of tackling such injustice in the society today is through a new tool. This is a very surprising development which provides much power to the people. It is the process of data learning. Recently, computational power as well as sets of structured data has greatly developed. Hence, it has resulted in great results being achieved from the algorithms with deep learning. Thus, nowadays, it is possible for computers to recognize certain objects available in the form of video as well as images. Computers can also transcribe words in to text as well as translate between almost all human languages as well as a human being can. Hence, through such technology it is also possible to understand the imagery that is available from satellites individually for different farms.Why We Need To Democratize Artificial Intelligence Education

This helps in accurate prediction of data in terms of crop yields. There are many places which are resorting to such methods dependent on machines for analysis of crop yields every year. This information was previously almost unattainable. However, now with this type of information it is possible to make better models for loaning money as well as insurance schemes for farmers. As a result there is a reduction in the injustice towards farmers who now have much reduced and fairer rates of interest which put them less at risk.

Promises of the New Technology

However, artificial intelligence has a number of problems that move beyond Silicon Valley. Major corporations in Wall Street consider this to be a source for superior profits and so fund it. However, throughout the world it is also a source for many engineers as well as entrepreneurs to bring about betterment for the society at large. It has helped in providing visually impaired people with much more independence in the past. Through artificial intelligence, such people are provided with help in daily chores such as identifying objects at the market or even identifying clothes. Such technology has also been used in the past to understand the different reports of violence committed against women collected from the media. Through such analysis it has been possible to place stress on certain cases that has been completely overlooked in the past. This has created grounds for much public empathy as well as awareness. Machine learning helps to tackle a number of inefficiencies and inadequacies that are a part of our society. However, a huge amount of knowledge about such technology is necessary before it can be put in to application.


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