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Need for Hybrid technician for 5G network

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With the fast changing dynamics in the network industry from LTE to Advanced LTE and now paving ways to 5G which is still in the process stages through 3GPP technical process. But, with advent of 5G network , the telecom work theme especially for the technicians directly linked to it have to back up more responsibility  in rebuilding networks and need to make themselves one step advanced in mending these latest techno work.

The 5G has some undisputed framework which can be the revolution to the next stage for technology enhancement.

  • The lightning fast connectivity speed at multi gigabit at each second
  • Very low latency- ideally tailor made for IOT designed companiesNeed for Hybrid technician for 5G network 1

Although the commercial availability of the 5G is quiet far, it may take few years to reach all, but telecom carriers are bulking in huge investment to give features like: MIMO and QAM 256.  At the same time fibre optic related resources are being banked at an alarming rate by investors and more deploying is having in adding small cells for better network facility.

The basic point here is that the technology in network medium is changing rapidly and with that adequate amount qualified technicians need to fill in. The 5G is more complex than the other mediums, so validating the infrastructure needs, the type of deploy nature from the previous generations of mobile networks need to be studied well.

Though many are speaking of lot of job opening will happening with the 5G network coming to live. But in reality the jobs are vacant, there are fewer qualified people for handling the complex mechanism of 5G network operation which rule the world in the coming years.

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