Why we need to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things

Why we need to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) has made digitization of vehicles, machines, and other devices in the world a possibility. It has helped to increase the relationship between customers and businesses. When it comes to the drinks industry, this has allowed for discovery of insights and behavioural trends which help in shaping business strategies.

Connected bottles help in verifying authenticity of products, especially when counterfeit goods are a threat in the market. Customers are now able to trace a bottle’s origin and also receive information about the brand’s provenance.

Potential of IoT in the drinking business can enhance club, festival and bar experience.

Data can be gathered on customers which will change how hotel and bar environment works right now. A customer’s room key card or a technology based on facial recognition can provide barman with the data that helps him to make personalized drinks for a specific customer. Drinks can be named after the customer and made the way they like them. This data can be gathered from the history of ordering of a customer. These possibilities of IoT was showcased through The Absolut Company initiative. Glasses fitted with identifiers and bar tops fitted with readers allow customers to know in details about the drinks that are being served to them. The ingredients in a cocktail and brand story of drinks are displayed on the screen which is visible to customers while the drinks are being prepared. This helps in building the relationship between brands and consumers.Why we need to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things

Near field communication (NFC) technology, which was used by Pernod’s Malibu last year, allowed customers access to localized content by just tapping the bottle with a smartphone. It helped in gaining insights and communicate with customers post purchase which helps in building brand loyalty. After Malibu’s success Pernod deployed Jameson in Irish Market to huge success.

Coco-nect, a smart goblet which is shaped like a coconut alerts bartenders when a new drink is ordered. Location of the user is tracked till the order is complete. The goblet sends feedback to consumers regarding their order’s progress through pulsing and vibrating light mechanism. This design improves drinks sale massively especially when people don’t have to queue at the bar to order their drinks and miss out on any action. IoT has shown potential by capturing specific data and creating unique ways to develop fan engagement which will prove to create a valuable technological legacy.

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