Neetu Duggad’s Pandemic-Born Startup Achieves Rs 50 Lakh Annual Revenue

By Sunil Sonkar
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Neetu Duggad's Pandemic-Born Startup Achieves Rs 50 Lakh Annual Revenue

There has been a significant shift in people’s career aspirations lately. Many are now opting to become self-reliant. They are choosing entrepreneurship over traditional employment. There are several related inspiring stories. An outstanding one is of Neetu Duggad from Jaipur. Her startup was born during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and now has grown remarkably. It has achieved annual revenue of Rs 50 lakh.


Neetu Duggad has turned passion into business. She ventured into the food industry with her startup named Four Noon. It basically focused in bakery and preservative food items.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a time of uncertainty and fear. It was simultaneously a period of innovation and opportunity for many including Neetu. She started Four Noon in Shyam Nagar, Jaipur. She offered a range of preservative food items which were healthy as well as delicious. The products included oats, various cookies, oat cakes, masala cracker biscuits, laddus and fruit-based items. However, her startup stands out as the products are sugar-free and made of refined flour or palm oil.

Neetu prepares all the bakery and preservative items at home. She is dedicated to provide high quality and purity products. Customers are captivated to its variety and taste. This led to a growing demand. Her startup currently offers more than 15 types of preservative foods and sells around 3,000 products every month.

However, the success of Four Noon is not just confined to local markets. Her husband Pankaj Duggad manages the online aspect of the business. He ensures that the products should also reach beyond Jaipur. Moreover, the startup also participates in city fairs and food exhibitions. It is learned the products usually receive widespread appreciation in the fairs and exhibitions. Such exposures have further fueled the growth of Four Noon and attracted a broader customer base.

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