NEHHDC and Assam Startup Partners to Ignite Entrepreneurship in the Northeast

By Sunil Sonkar
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NEHHDC and Assam Startup Partners to Ignite Entrepreneurship in the Northeast

In a collaborative effort to spark entrepreneurial endeavors in the Northeast, the North Eastern Handicrafts & Handlooms Development Corporation Limited (NEHHDC) and Assam Startup – The Nest recently orchestrated a dynamic Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP) in Guwahati.

This teamwork is a big step forward in making Assam a creative and business-friendly place. Initiated by the Department of Livelihood & Entrepreneurship (DoL&E) within NEHHDC, this program highlights the commitment to raise awareness among students and entrepreneurs in the region.

As part of the larger vision, DoL&E, armed with a substantial target from the Ministry of MSME, aims to conduct 100 Entrepreneurship Awareness Programs (EAP) and 50 Entrepreneurship cum Skill Development Programs (ESDP) across the Northeastern Region (NER). It is not just about sharing info. They are into helping out by talking about how having a mentor and guidance is super important for making your business a success.

DoL&E, NEHHDC advisor Dr. Sriparna B Baruah, with 36 years of experience, says having a mentor and making good connections is super important for businesses in the Northeast.

The event, graced by Shri Chinmoy Prakash Phookan, ACS, Managing Director of Assam Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (AIIDC), as the Chief Guest, witnessed insightful perspectives on entrepreneurship and the economic growth of the region.

Mr. Siddhartha Chowdhary, Chairman and CEO of Credence Management Solutions, thinks it is important to dream big. He says successful business people should not be scared of taking risks and facing challenges. Instead, they should find clever ways to tackle problems without worrying about failing.

The importance of financial management in fostering effective entrepreneurial growth was highlighted by Mr. Mrinmoy Pathak, CA, and Director of Youth Cove Foundation, who attended the event.

Brig. Rajiv Singh (Retd.), Managing Director of NEHHDC, reiterated the role of the organization as a dedicated ecosystem fostering sustainable entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities in the NER.

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