Netcon Technologies Partners with Nikitek to Revolutionize Travel Tech

Netcon Technologies invests in Pune's Nikitek, boosting travel tech. The investment aims to enhance Nikitek's technology, refine go-to-market strategies, and add value-added services.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Netcon Technologies Partners with Nikitek to Revolutionize Travel Tech

IT infrastructure company Netcon Technologies has made a strategic investment in Pune-based tech startup Nikitek to focus on the travel industry. It is learned that the investment would propel Nikitek’s growth by enhancing its technology as well as refine its go-to-market strategies and integrate value-added services.


The collaboration between the two companies is rooted in a shared vision of strengthening digital transformation within the passenger travel ecosystem. The dual focus would extend to areas such as baggage handling with the help of digitally-enabled tool and provide eco-friendly travel experiences. As of now, the exact investment amount has not been disclosed, but it signifies a significant milestone in the aspirations to revolutionize the travel industry for the two companies.

Netcon Technologies Founder & Managing Director Mahalingam Ramasamy expressed his enthusiasm about the new collaboration and highlighted its potential to streamline baggage handling processes as well as advance sustainability goals within the aviation industry. He envisions a future where air travel becomes more accessible, efficient and environmentally conscious.

Nikitek Founder and CEO Vinod Philips too emphasized on the importance of innovation and sustainability in enhancing airline operations. He believes that the new deal will pave the path for seamless and eco-friendly travel experiences.

The deal was formalized on April 9 at Netcon’s headquarters in Bengaluru. It highlighted the commitment of both parties to drive positive change in the travel industry. Netcon Technologies CEO sees the partnership as the beginning of a transformative journey towards redefining the travel experience.

Apart from the strategic investment, Nikitek lately also introduced godigitag and it claims to be India’s first electronic baggage tag. It is said to be an eco-friendly digital solution to replace traditional paper bag tags.

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