Netflix to stop password sharing

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Netflix to stop password sharing

Netflix has announced recently it will stop sharing password among viewers from 2023. Although the news has just been launched, but it was expected and was rumours for a long time. We will look into depth about why Netflix has taken such step and what it means for viewers.


Why Netflix announced to stop password sharing

We all have been hearing for the last few years Netflix shares have been falling down, due to the competition it has been getting from Disney and Amazon and many other regional OTT networks in various sections. Netflix had been trying hard by increase the subscription fees and also making exclusive packages only for mobile, to get more customers, but it seems to falls short to other stiff competitions.

Thus, on February 2023, they have formerly taken on their social media handle about the issue of password sharing issue, and are now going make stern efforts to pause it.

Previously, Netflix used to be more concerned about how many eye balls are glued to their network. They themselves used to allow the practise and promote it on large scale. But, with depreciating revenue and the efforts of increasing the subscription fees or making changes with subscription plans not working, they took up on the cause of password sharing.

When can we see the full roll out No password sharing by Netflix

The early announcements of Netflix to pause password sharing were said to be by the ned of the first quarter of 2023, but it seems to have taken action from end of last year. As almost impossible to roll out for all countries at the same time, thus they are selecting countries at the particular time, and making it happen. As of now Latin America, Canada, Spain and New Zealand are the ones where the system has already taken into action and the other countries will be in the line to follow.

As per the latest developments, it has been informed that The USA and UK subscribers will soon get to see this in their countries as well.

It is also been highlighted, that password sharing controls will roll out faster than expected and for the ones who still want to exercise their practise they will have to pay a certain amount to sue the functionality.

Netflix has announced that in certain countries where it has already stopped password sharing option, it will roll out some packages in subscription to add in sub account at a small fee. Although, it is yet to finalized what will be the fee structure, as nothing has confirmed yet officially. But it seems the fees will vary in different countries as per the demand and competition in those countries viewers and watch on the platform.

How Can Netflix track password Sharing

Netflix’s ever-watchful eye is poised to uncover any password-sharing among its users. The streaming giant has huge pool of data of its viewers, including their viewing habits, location, and device IDs. This information can be traced to determine whether the person currently streaming is a real subscriber of the household, or is illegally using it from anywhere else, where it’s not registered.

In regions where Netflix is cracking down on password sharing, the company is employing a clever strategy to track password sharing. By monitoring the devices used to access its platform, Netflix is requiring periodic “check-ins” at the user’s device location, typically once a month. If a family member is away at college, they can still gain access by checking in with their device when they return home every 31 days.

According to a shareholder letter, Netflix is also planning to introduce paid sharing as an option for members in many countries. This feature would allow users to share their account with non-subscribed members for an additional fee. Of course, all members will still be able to stream while traveling, whether on a television or mobile device.

Should Netflix detect an unauthorized user on an account, the company will take swift action. The offending device will be blocked, and the interloper will be given the opportunity to open their own account. While Netflix has not yet confirmed the global implementation of this policy, it seems likely that it will be similarly enforced worldwide when the time comes to end password sharing.

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