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As the internet of things (IoT) and mobile devices continue to skyrocket, the enterprise attack surface has grown exponentially. It has become sine quo non to have tools which offer the visibility, compliance capabilities, access control which are needed to bolster the network security infrastructure. A NAC system can decline network access to noncompliant devices, provide them only restricted access to computing resources or place them in a quarantined area, thereby keeping insecure nodes from impelling the network.

Network access control underpins network visibility and access management through public policy enforcement on users and devices of corporate networks. Network access control helps to ensure that only authorized and trusted devices can access the infrastructure and monitor & control all activities on the network. NAC tends to walk the talk as it is a security solution which controls access to the network.

Security architects warrant enhanced access controls to shield devices and the broader network from threats. As such, network access control (NAC) security is expected to evolve to offer more robust capabilities which reinforce current needs, including containment, threat awareness and mitigation.

Sneak Peek at the Evolution of NAC

Prevalent office adoption of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and IoT product policies provide new business capabilities. However, there might be no device configuration standardization for IoT or BYOD. When it comes to organization, there are hundreds of brands, device types, and operating systems in active use, with an array of them falling short with respect to enterprise-grade security. Nevertheless, endpoints remain a soft target for sophisticated attacks. In a bid to fully secure IoT and BYOD endpoints, enterprises are expected to assess whereabouts of each device and the way it connects to other devices across the network topology. In such a case, third-generation NAC solutions should coordinate controls, all endpoint visibility and automated responses.

An organization will be left in lurch and be exposed to unseen risks with no endpoint visibility. Security teams should be able to track all network infrastructure gear across different locations along with the extreme edges of the network. With security challenges looming, NAC will keep an eye on employee entering the office and should a non-authorized device to connect with the network be used, NAC solution will potentially block the access to the network.

A third-generation NAC solution’s risk-assessment capabilities are meant to identify the device type and the software configuration. Further, this innate endpoint vulnerability assessment is expected to cover headless devices.

Policy-based Controls—a Bird’s Eye View

Network Access Control solution should be able to implement granular and policy-based access controls via dynamic network segmentation. Network segmentation creates deeper layers of security by isolating sensitive data and derails the rampant growth of threats within the organization.

Nevertheless, NACs are being integrated with another second to none security solutions, along with security products from third-party vendors. The NAC solution will propel existing switches, access points and routers across the infrastructure to provide segmentation control over network access.

Automating endpoint detection and response solutions are the linchpin for cybersecurity professionals vying to put actionable controls around their endpoints.

Capabilities of NAC Solution

Network access control solution aids organizations in controlling access to their networks with the help of the following capabilities:

  • Profiling and Visibility: Profiles and recognizes users and their devices before baleful code cause damage
  • Policy lifecycle management: Implements policies for all operating scenarios without needing separate products or additional modules
  • Guest networking access: Self-service portal that incorporates guest authentication, guest registration, guest sponsoring and a guest management portal
  • Incidence response: Minimizes network threats by adhering to security policies which block, repair and isolate noncompliant machines without administrator attention;
  • Security Posture check: Assesses and evaluates security-policy compliance by device type, user type and operating system.

Cases for Network Access Control

  • NAC for BYOD: Unprecedented growth in mobile devices has leveraged the workforce from their desks and provided employees leeway to work remotely from their mobile devices. Nonetheless, NAC for BYOD assures compliance for all employees owned devices prior to accessing the network.
  • NAC for the Internet of Things (IoT): IoT devices in a slew of sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing or other industries are augmenting significantly and serve as additional entry points for attackers to prey the network. NAC comes to the rescue and minimizes the risks in IoT devices by enforcing defined profiling and access policies for a range of device categories.
  • NAC for Rapid Threat Containment: NAC vendors more often than not share contextual information such as device type and user ID with third-party security components. Moreover, they can give a quick response to cybersecurity alerts by automatically implementing security policies which isolate compromised endpoints.

Aligning the business processes calls for prioritizing investment, creating sustainable security solution and aligning security capabilities to provide operational design and foundational capabilities. Network access control can provide integrated and intelligent protection through intent-based policy and compliance solutions. Nevertheless, solution providers deliver intuitive network security with centralized and streamlined management.

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