Neuralink expected to begin human clinical trials in six months, Elon musk

Neuralink expected to begin human clinical trials in six months, Elon musk 1

A wireless device has been developed by the brain chip company Neuralink. The development plan is expected to be initiated in human clinical trials in the next six months.

Elon Musk has mentioned that the company is developing brain chip interfaces that can be helpful in the enablement of disabled patients to move and communicate again. This San Francisco Bay Area and Austin, Texas based companu- Neuralink has been conducting tests on animals as it seeks US regulatory approval to begin clinical trials in people.

The world must be able to upload Neuralink in a human. As Musk expressed, the team wants to be extremely careful and confident about the workability of the device for a human. Along with this, the team is also focused on most of the paperwork for the FDA, and should be done in about the next six months.

The event was initially planned for October 31, but Musk postponed the plan for no reason.

Neuralink’s last public presentation a year ago, involved a monkey with a brain chip who played a computer game using his brain alone.

Musk is known for lofty goals, including colonizing Mars and saving humanity. The ambitions Musk for Neuralink are of the same grand scale. His primary objective was to develop a chip that would allow the brain to control the complexities of electronic devices and eventually allow people with paralysis to regain motor function and treat brain diseases. The diseases include Parkinson’s, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. He also talks about melding the brain with AI.

However, Neuralink needs to catch up to schedule. In the representation of 2019, Musk mentioned that he is aiming to receive regulatory approval by the end of 2020. Later in a conference in late 2021, he hoped to start human trials.

Neuralink has repeatedly missed internal deadlines to attain US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to start human trials. Musk approached his competitor, Synchron, about a potential investment after he expressed frustration to Neuralink employees with respect to their slow progress.

Synchron implanted its device in a patient in the United States for the first time and crossed a significant milestone in July. Synchron has got the approval of US regulatory clearance for human trials in 2021 and has completed studies on four people in Australia.

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