New E-Commerce Marketplace by Jammbo Features Generous Credit Terms

By Sunil Sonkar
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New E-Commerce Marketplace by Jammbo Features Generous Credit Terms

Indian toy industry is projected to rise to $4.4 billion by 2032. It is witnessing a groundbreaking transformation. The the launch of a new e-commerce marketplace by Jammbo is lately making waves. It is named Jammbomart and is basically a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is said to be revolutionizing the way distributors and retailers purchase toys by streamlining bulk orders online.


Jammbomart is committed to ease of use and financial flexibility. It has more than 200 retailers from 23 states and 93 cities in India. It is to become a central hub for toy distribution. The minimum order quantity is set at ₹50,000. Jammbo has announced to offer generous credit terms and provide up to ₹10 lakh with a 30-day credit period. The initiative is basically designed to support retailers in managing their cash flow as well as expand their inventories without immediate financial strain.

Jammbo co-founder and CEO Manasvi Singh highlighted evolution of the platform. She said that the initiative started as a side project for the team with a focus to streamline the supply chain. This forward-thinking approach reflects Jammbo’s recognition of the toy market’s vast potential.

Jammbomart also aims to motivate and support its retailers. Co-Founder and CMO Anirban Chatterjee said that they will reward the top three retailers each quarter and offer them a free international trip. The retailers will also be offered assistance for shop renovations. All these will help the retailers in creating a more appealing and customer-friendly environment.

The ambitious vision of Jammbo is supported by its co-founders Archit Bhargava (Co-Founder & CFO) and Vipin Nijhawan (Co-Founder & CPO)l. Both aims to offer over 100 toy products and more than 350 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) by the end of 2024. The company states to be generating ₹150 crore revenue by year-end and Jammbomart is to contribute a significant ₹100 crore over the period of next 15 months.

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