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New-gen technologies make IoT transformation

There are plethora of technologies looming in tech world. Most of them are not known to common people except for big technological jargon like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. IoT indirectly depends on all of the above technologies in one way or the other.

Lack of proper Network Architecture to launch a billion new devices into internet

The fundamental need for IoT’s scalability is networks. Right now, our networks are saturated with billions of existing computers, Laptops, Massive Machines, Smart Phones and many other gadgets. Do we have room for a billion more devices in the current architecture? The answer is definitely no.

Adding more devices, importantly devices in such quantity will lead to slower network speeds and lack of access to internet eventually. With 5G just years away from making its big appearance there is much hope for IoT in coming 2 to 3 years. If 5G becomes a thing in the next few years as expected by the scientists, because of the previous network evolutions, then we have truly achieved the capability to use IoT to use at its full potential.

How Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT and AI are connected?

Believe it or not all these technologies are intertwined at the DNA level. One will not grow unless the other supports its growth. IoT is more like connecting devices that you use everyday to the internet. When that happens, those devices produce peta bytes of data. All the data must be stored using Cloud and processed using Big Data. Data in itself cannot produce the results we want we need to process it and get useful conclusions to take decisions. This part of the chain is gracefully handled by the Big Data again. AI is a human replacement for repetitive, high frequency and high-volume tasks not creative and intuitive tasks. So, AI can essential rule out the humans where ever the system of processing data can be automated. It is more versatile than we think it is.

Why Cloud is the best way to handle data generated through IoT devices?

Cloud has become synonyms with internet these days. Which is not the case at all. Cloud is also an array of computers serving the data requested by the customer, just like internet does. Cloud is not a single entity, it is a combination of different clouds offered by different vendors. But internet is not offered by any particular vendor, it is a shared resource accessible to anyone who pays their bills.

So, why is cloud the right choice. The conventional data storage units are limited by many parameters, one of the worst being data loss due to unforeseen damage to the hardware. In cloud you can never really lose data because it is mirrored in many servers across the globe. If one data centre blows up, the other pops and gets ready serve your needs. With IoT we need flexibility, Scalability and Accessibility. Cloud is the only technology which can offer all of them in a single place.


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