A new iOS 10 feature will allow your iPhone to help you sleep better

Sleep is a luxury that a very few of us enjoy nowadays. In this 21st century, we’re almost always on the run and end up sacrificing our sleep in exchange/greed of materialistic things. According to experts, while many of the effects of poor sleep generally go unnoticed, there are huge chances of developing medical conditions, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity over long periods of time.

While many of us do know the harms of not getting a good night sleep, we somewhere fail when it keeps to setting a sleep schedule. We become so much pre-occupied with things like reading a book, watching a television series etc. that we end up losing the track of time and end up regretting our previous night decision to stay awake the next morning. Sounds like you? Well, if you’re a proud owner of an iPhone, you’re in luck because your sleep schedule is going to get altered very soon, for good.

Amongst the various features that iOS 10 has to offer, there’s one new clock app that makes sure that you sleep better.

Wondering how? Well, the new clock app with a new dark theme, has a Bedtime section to it. This section is Apple’s take on the old recurring alarm clock that goes the extra mile to reminds its users to go to sleep on time so that their bodies can get the desired rest.

The app’s setup is very easy to use. One just needs to click on the Bedtime section tab, and enter the time that they want the clock to wake them up each day and the numbers of hours of sleep that they want each night. The app also allows its users to tweak it according to their schedules. For example, it can be set for the weekdays or the weekends.

If a user desires to tracking their sleep, they have an option of linking their Bedtime feature to iPhone’s Health app and get detailed statistics on how well they sleep.

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