New Partnership Between JKEDI and T-Hub to Propel J&K Startups

By Sunil Sonkar
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New Partnership Between JKEDI and T-Hub to Propel J&K Startups

Recent collaboration between the Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) and Hyderabad’s T-Hub marks an important moment in the economic as well as entrepreneurial landscape of the region. The strategic partnership is promising. It is learned to be transforming Jammu and Kashmir into a hub of innovation and business excellence.


The joint initiative launched an interactive program at JKEDI Bari Brahmana and embodies a commitment to strengthen an ecosystem where ideas can thrive as well as new businesses can flourish. It will bring together startups, investors and incubators. They will lay foundation for a vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial environment in the region.

T-Hub is a well-known name for nurturing startups and facilitating strategic partnerships. It brings a wealth of experience and vast network of resources as well. The alliance will allow JKEDI to tap into its strengths. It will provide unparalleled opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

Startups can showcase their innovative ideas and simultaneously connect with potential investors. They can gain valuable insights from seasoned mentors too. Panel discussions enabled participants to engage with industry experts and investors.

JKEDI Director Rajinder Kumar Sharma emphasized the transformative potential of the partnership. He highlighted the dedication of the institute to nurture entrepreneurship and strengthen innovation. He said that bringing together startups, investors and incubators means creating a lively environment where ideas and businesses can thrive.

Head of Government and CSR at T-Hub Telangana, Akshita Kanthala, highlighted the excitement of T-Hub to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. She emphasized the goal of leveraging the extensive network and resources of T-Hub to catalyze the growth of startups. It will contribute to the economic development of the region. The partnership is about immediate gains and also about laying the groundwork for sustained as well as long-term growth.

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