A new way to find specific Pokémon in ‘Pokémon GO’ is here

It has been just over a month since Pokémon Go came into our lives, but its popularity and players are only increasing by every second. In fact, so much has been the craze of this augmented reality game that there have been instances all around the world where people have left their jobs to become a full-time professional Pokémon master.

Considering the growing excitement of people all around the world regarding the game, we at TechiExpert thought it would fun if we could share with our readers a fun way through which they can catch the specific Pokémon they have been wanting since quite sometime now.

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The trick is to use Skiplagged’s Pokémon tracker to search the specific Pokémon you’re looking for. Skiplagged’s Pokémon tracker makes tracking a particular Pokémon possible by making use of Google Maps to show its users the exact place/area where a particular Pokémon is spawning in real time. We have given it a try and it does work pretty well.

But, if you have been trying to capture a specific Pokémon for quite sometime now, we would suggest you to access Skiplagged’s Pokémon tracker as soon as possible. Niantic Labs, the company behind Pokémon GO is currently on the hunt to shutdown unofficial Pokémon trackers and it has already shutdown the popular tracker PokéVision. So, we really can’t predict till when will Skiplagged’s Pokémon tracker remain operational.

Skiplagged is originally a startup that gives people information about all the good, hidden deals on hotels and flights. But, one can clearly make out that from Skiplagged’s Pokémon tracker that people at Skiplagged are huge fans of the game and know which business opportunity to bank on and when.

So, what are you waiting for? Go catch that Pokémon you have been eyeing for so long now.

Kirti Sharma
A technology and Bollywood junkie, she is always ready with her iPhone to jot down her ideas wherever and whenever she can. Have something to share? Shoot an email to her at skirti100@yahoo.co.in


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