NFT trends in India through job structure

NFT trends in India through job structure 1

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are not a new-age slang anymore. In fact, they have secured a front seat in the mainstream market. Last year, it jumped on to such unparalleled prestige that Collins Dictionary revealed the acronym NFT as ‘Word of the Year. Obviously, whether you believe these tokens are useless but actually is another enthusiasm that will disperse shortly. The next big thing in the cryptocurrency and blockchain metaverse is that they cannot be disregarded in this new era.

Walk along to the Stereo

Entangled with the NFT channels, the music industry is speedily becoming a fundamental part of this blockchain ecosystem. In the year 2021, the Grammy-winning band that is popularly known as Kings of Leon became the ice-breaker to release an album as NFT.

Taking into consideration the current system, only a nuisance of music artists grabs the true and valuable worth of their work; many free-spirited players are taking the benefits of NFTs to attain maximum profits while also retaining their creative freedom. Years ago, when NFT users began shifting towards streaming platforms instead of buying physical albums, music artists were going through tough times to get enough monetary compensation from recording companies. Through NFTs, artists can directly sell their recordings or albums to their existing fan base and have better control over the yields.

What is lacking between you and your success?

The hyperactive NFT market embraced sports megastars like LeBron James, sports leagues, and teams like Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and Barcelona. Fan tokens are the rage nowadays, not only in foreign lands but in India as well. Many franchises are taking part in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) to start the utilization of the power of NFTs.

Art for Money VS Money for Art

Crypto arts are also named NFT arts. They are taking the fair, pacified artistic world by storm. Digital pictures of cartoon characters and avatars of celebrities are pretty popular among the NFT audience these days. These digital art NFTs are not working fascinations for already distinguished digital work existing out there, but mature artists are also leveraging this groundbreaking platform to get revenue while pursuing their passion and their love for pure art.

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