Nike Launches New Metaverse Marketplace and Community

Nike Launches New Metaverse Marketplace and Community 1

On a recent basis, Nike made the launch of. Swoosh. Swoosh is a new metaverse marketplace platform which is basically meant to foster an “inclusive digital community” for athletes and Nike consumers.

The blockchain-powered platform, Metaverse, will allow users to connect with other athletes and consumers that are obtaining virtual products and engaged in immersive experiences. In the revolution space, which is currently in beta test mode, the members of Nike will be able to collect virtual footwear and apparel products to wear on the platform. In some cases, the users will be able to access real products or events.

Once the new launch gets registered later this month, Nike will prioritise diverse communities over the U.S. and Europe. As per the planning of Nike, the company is going to launch its first collection in the year 2023. It will be including input from the community. Swoosh plans to roll out a challenge for some members so that the platform can win a chance to co-create a virtual product with Nike.

According to the revealed news, it has been determined that Nike will be making a huge investment in web3 and the Metaverse. In December 2021, Nike Inc. acquired RTFKT, which is a digital creator of virtual sneakers, collectables, and accessories. Before the instance, Nike filed seven trademark applications that were directly related to their objectives for the creation and sell virtual sneakers and apparel. Stifel, the experienced analyst, said that strategic values would be helping in expediting the expansion into Nike’s potential NFT offerings.

Nike is partnered with the Roblox video game platform to launch “Nikeland,” a digital world for Nike fans to play games, connect, and dress their avatars in virtual apparel. The list of products that are included in this is Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer.

Nike is not only the brand that is leaning into digital opportunities. In September this year, Walmart also launched two new metaverse experiences on Roblox. Adidas and Dick’s Sporting Goods also made launch stores, products or experiences in the Metaverse last year.

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