Nine Best Free Email Tracker for Gmail

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Nine Best Free Email Tracker for Gmail 1

Tired of checking tons of electronic trackers? There is a simple but highly effective solution to this problem. In 2023, email marketing is a key way to implement any marketing strategy, whether it’s launching new features or building brand awareness. Email marketing does not cost money, which is why people are attracted to this solution.


You need to track how people respond to your emails. You will need email tracking software, a solution provided by email tracking Gmail extension. Many email tracking tools in Gmail have unique features and are free. Listed below are the best free email trackers for Gmail that can offer various useful features.

Key benefits of email tracking

There’s a lot to be said about the capabilities and key benefits of email monitoring tools, but there are some important tools that can help keep your business running smoothly. What it is? Let’s look at these things.

With email tracking, you know when to reach out to customers. Without an effective email tracking system, it will be difficult for sales reps to know if a buyer has opened an email. With free email tracking software, marketers can find out when a customer has opened and read an email. Thus, they can easily find more methods to increase sales.

Find the right time to send an email. Email open tracking software tells you when your customers are available, giving you the ability to properly edit your marketing message. This way you will know when your customers have read most of your emails. Improve the content of your marketing emails.

You can also use email tracking to find out how much time your customers spend reading your emails. This will help you determine if the buyer is interested in the marketing strategy that you are actively using to promote your services.

When the recipients of your marketing messages aren’t spending much time, you need to change your strategy. Adjust the image and video in the email signature to look professional and attractive.

A creative email signature can be created by looking at professional email signature examples, thus you can significantly increase sales because the unique solution provided by a creatively created email signature allows you not only to strengthen the position of your brand on the market but also to increase trust in you and your products, which you offer.

Important and effective marketing strategies play a key role in promoting your brand against the background of other competitors

Marketing strategy is a means of planning and implementing the company’s work, taking into account as much as possible all effective aspects that can prevent the implementation of the company’s influence on the market. Marketing strategy is perceived not only as a form of conducting business under certain conditions but also as an opportunity to achieve high results, with guaranteed opportunities that reduce costs when implementing effective, successful marketing activities. Marketing strategy is a part of business organization strategy. It is the consistency of the company’s work in specific market conditions that determines how marketing is used to achieve effective results. An implementation plan is essential to any marketing strategy.

The perception of the impact of planning was based on a strategic understanding of the company’s business behavior. The marketing plan is a part of marketing activities and is a constant and systematic analysis of market needs. It guarantees the creation of products necessary for specific groups of customers. The function of marketing strategy is to identify existing or potential product markets. You can choose basic marketing strategies aimed at achieving specific goals and determining the best position for your business.

The strategy of consumers entering the market. Using such a strategy makes sense if the company uses products that are already known on the market. The intensity of advertising, which is effective when the market is growing or not saturated enough with products, is aimed at increasing sales in various formats of selling interesting products. A product development strategy is effective when bringing a new product to market. This strategy supports traditional sales methods that use additional marketing activities.

Market expansion strategies are effective in identifying market areas that generate acceptable sales demand and revenue. Defining the strategy depends on the capabilities of the business environment and the ability to take risks. If a company has significant resources but does not want to risk them, it can use a product development strategy. When capacity is insufficient, market expansion strategies can be used. In the context of increasing market value, there may be some basic marketing strategies that help allocate specific products to market components based on competitors and sales growth rates.

Offensive marketing strategy. This is an active position of the company, the goal of which is to win and expand market share. Each product or service market has an optimal market share that contributes to the efficient operation and profit of the company. If the company’s profit falls below an acceptable level, managers are faced with the possibility of expanding the business or exiting the market.

Attack strategies are used in several variants. If the market share is significantly lower than the expected level or if competition does not persist, the market share has decreased significantly and does not reach the required level. After introducing new products to the consumer market, there is an effective opportunity to increase market share.

The retention strategy allows you to maintain your position in the market. This strategy is actively used when the company is in a stable state and when opportunities for an offensive marketing strategy are rare. This type of strategy requires a lot of key research and careful observation of what your competitors are doing.

A return strategy is often a necessary measure, not a last resort. In this case, the company reduces its market share. Social marketing strategies have some economic advantages. With this strategy, the company appeals to a broad target group. Here it is important to consider which products will appeal to the largest number of customers. Differentiated marketing strategy. When a company can offer its customers a new product that differs from competitors.

Thanks to this, each company can determine its target customers. A targeted marketing strategy allows companies to organize opportunities in one market segment. Let’s take a look at nine free Gmail email trackers with useful functionality and tons of important features. Not all Gmail email tracking features are free. Some trackers are also free only for certain email services. Check out the nine best email trackers for Gmail.

1. Mysignature tracker

Find out who is reading your emails and who is ignoring them in real-time. Unlimited opens, clicks, and professional feature trackers – everything you need for personalized email marketing in one service. A key, unique advantage of MySignature is that it also offers the ability to create creative and modern email signatures. So you don’t need two tools to create email signatures and track email opens and clicks. Install the MySignature extension to enable email signature and email tracking. Click “Create” to confirm your unique email signature and send the email. A tracking icon will appear in the Sent, Conversations, and Mail folders.

2. Mailtracker by hunter

Mailtracker by a hunter is a pretty effective Chrome extension, just like any other tracking software. Known as an email check and finder, this tool can also track Gmail emails. The key benefit of using this extension is that you always have unlimited email tracking. The extension performs basic functions such as opening emails, starting threads, and viewing internal conversations. Other activities, such as notifications about opened emails or other features offered by other advanced applications, cannot be tracked in this way.

3. EmailAnalytics

Unlike other trackers that offer a click and open tracking, EmailAnalytics allows you to closely monitor your email activity. EmailAnalytics offers many key features, such as the ability to find out the response time to emails, the number of emails sent and received, the most popular recipients and senders, and the time when the most emails were received. Indicators can be analyzed comprehensively.

4. SalesHandy

Do you need a free email tracking tracker with unlimited functionality for Gmail? In case your answer is yes, then you are in the right place as SalesHandy offers Gmail users a free version. SalesHandy provides instant desktop notifications when an email is opened or clicked in your email client. Key features include attachment tracking, planning marketing strategies using email capabilities, and automated tracking. Another important feature of this program is the creation and saving of email templates. There is a paid version that allows you to populate emails with Zapier and CRM.

5. Streak

If you are looking for an effective, multi-functional email monitoring software that works as both a CRM and an email tracking tool, Streak is for you. This sales tracking software can play an important role in any marketing move of your company. When you’re on the starter plan, Streak is free. However, there are also paid plans where you can get more useful features for $15 per month. When you want to know its useful features, you should try the functionality that is available to use in Streak! It is in Streak that you can track emails, create email templates, create custom channels, basic CRM, and email correspondence (there are options for up to 50 contacts). This multi-functional email monitoring software allows you to monitor emails as accurately as possible in both paid and free versions.

6. Mailtrack

When it comes to tracking processes, Mailtrack offers the most efficient service possible. When you need limited functionality, you can use Mailtrack for free. You can upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99 per month to get comprehensive services and daily statistical reports.

7. Gmelius

All marketers would like to perfectly know the current point of view on the interests of consumers! Gmelius effectively provides this opportunity by helping to understand the interests of its buyers, measuring their engagement and positioning, as well as tracking BCC and CC. This allows you to understand the interests of your users based on their activity at any time. Gmelius usually sends a notification when someone clicks and opens your email.

You can also use this app to schedule calendars, save email templates, and create to-do lists. These features require a monthly fee. If a recipient opens a tracked email after it has been sent, a green tick appears next to the recipient’s name. Thus, the observation does not require any action on the part of the recipient.

8. is another effective email tracker that shows whether your emails have been opened and read. A notification is sent when the recipient clicks on a link or opens an email. Like other email monitoring programs, it is free to use. Some Gmail account labels show activity, for example, when a recipient clicks on an email, the label turns green. The label is purple when an email has been opened but not fully read. also provides a feature to send emails later and allows you to send scheduled emails with the ability to switch between Gmail accounts. There is a sidebar to view your open Gmail inbox and click history.

9. Mailalert

When you need a comprehensive email tracking tool, Mailalert is for you. Mailalert offers all the key features like other trackers, its functionality and features are free. In addition to email tracking, it offers real-time click tracking and offers notifications.

Another tracker to consider is, which is not only one of the best email trackers but also an effective email monitoring tool that offers follow-up emails and reminders. provides a variety of features such as tracking link clicks, email opens, and scheduled email sending. When you don’t want to use these apps, you can try Google Analytics instead of email tracking.

Email trackers are very useful for business people to design and monitor effective marketing campaigns. Once you know the best free Gmail email trackers, and their key advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the right solution for you. You can also use images and videos in your emails to significantly increase sales.

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