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NITI Aayog invites bids for national data platform

Government premier technology thinks tank NITI Aayog has invited bids from the private layers to build the National Analytics and Data Platform, which will be going to be an advanced technology platform to host a huge amount of data. Most of the large IT companies, which include the HP, IBM, Wipro, and HP are expected to bid for the government project.

The platform to be developed with the help of public, private partnership on build, design, operate and transfer mode, which will integrate and help better understand of citizens data, spending patterns of the government, consumption trends and success of the policies of the government.

All data and analytics would be aggregate data on government functioning, with no individual or personally identifiable data collected on the portal. The primary aim is to increase transparency in functioning of government by giving citizen.

“With a view to implementing the project, the authority has decided to invite proposals for development, operation, and maintenance of NDAP on DBOT basis to a private entity (the “Consultant”) selected through a competitive bidding process,” the Aayog said in the RFP document.

The Aayog has even estimated that the cost of developing NDAP to be anywhere between the cost of INR 50 to INR 100 crore to be funded by the NITI Aayog.

To being with, data from ministeries will be sourced followed by the data from the districts and state. Both the private and public entities would be able to access the data from NDAP. The platform is even expected to meet the international security standards for safeguarding the privacy of entities and individuals.

The platform will be a single source of sectoral data for citizens, researchers, and policymakers. The ministry of electronics and IT department has the Open Government Data Platform which is called by the name as, which hosts hundreds of data sets, but the platform does not have any analysis capabilities.

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